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372. The First Purge; movie review

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Title : 372. The First Purge; movie review
link : 372. The First Purge; movie review

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Cert 15
95 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong violence, threat, language, drugs misuse

The words "what's the point" were on my lips throughout The First Purge... and then I saw that it had made $100m profit.
Yes, this means, badly acted splurge of lowest common denominator movie-making has made £100m.
In a world where variety is supposedly the spice of our lives, why would so many people pay to see such a grim movie?
As a former newspaper editor, I should not be surprised by what the public wants but this time my gaster is well and truly flabbered.
There are no two ways of saying it - The First Purge is dismal. It adds nothing to a franchise which began with an original thought and has descended into money-making for least effort.
There is not a single element which takes forward a story of which every pip has been long since been eked.
Ok... I guess it tries to create a bit of a 'white supremacists are bad' agenda but fails so badly that it hardens any racial stereotypes viewers may have already had.
However, it must have its fans so I would honestly love to hear from anyone who thinks their cinema entrance fee was good value.
For the record, this takes The Purge story back to its beginnings and a pilot in Staten Island.
Why Staten Island? Who knows? The premise of the film appears to be that it is prompted by a white war on black people and yet a quick glance at the island's latest census shows that it only has a 10 per cent black population.
I digress. I could write a thesis on the plot holes of The First Purge but nobody would thank me for it, so I shall desist.
Oh, other than examining the contribution of Marisa Tomei. She plays a behavioural scientist who has inspired the hateful night during which people are supposed to succumb to their natural urges.
This would be dub enough if she wasn't being portrayed as being oblivious to the political ambitions of the blood-letting.
Gerard McMurray's film stars Y'lan Noel and Lex Scott Davis among those trying to survive the night during which the violence is unspeakable and life becomes more precious than could have been imagined.
However, character development is so shallow, I really didn't care whether they became victim to the merciless gangs or psychopaths roaming the streets.
And I didn't buy the heavily laden message of racial persecution. I would rather turn to Blackkklansman for that.

Reasons to watch: If you want to bathe in some irrational violence
Reasons to avoid: A woeful sequel

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 2.5/10

Director quote - Gerard McMurray: "I always want to ground my films in reality. The idea of me making The Purge was like cool, I want to really explore what happens in the real world, make it feel real and use real world stuff as horror. That was important for me."

The big question - Why are audiences paying to see this type of movie?

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