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380. Edie; movie review

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Title : 380. Edie; movie review
link : 380. Edie; movie review

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Cert 15
101 mins
BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language

My mum is 80 in January. She's pretty fit, thankfully, but I cannot say she extends herself too much nowadays, being content with looking after my dad, going out with friends and doing her shopping.
Would she want to climb a mountain? Of course not.
Could she climb a mountain? Absolutely not.
I think she is a fair comparison to Sheila Hancock's Edie who, like my mum and dad, had a vigorous youth during which walking and camping played a part.
Like her, my parents haven't camped for 60 years. The idea that they could even put up a tent is laughable.
Why am I banging on about my mum and dad?
Because their similarity to Edie demonstrates how ludicrous the premise of Simon Hunter's film is.
The concept is that the widowed Edie resents being packed off to a residential home by her daughter so, after going through some life mementoes, decides to do a runner and climb a mountain which was important in her youth.
Yep, a woman who has scarcely left her own home in six decades, books a hotel, takes a sleeper train to Inverness and ends up, unsurprisingly confused.
She has the good fortune of coming across a camping supplies shop manager (Kevin Guthrie) who takes her under his wing despite her rudeness towards him.
But here's the rub. There should be no chance that either he nor his friends, knowing her frailty, would allow her to get anywhere near the mountain.
Even if they initially had any doubts they should be firmly dispelled when Edie has a couple of funny turns.
And don't get me on their response when she says she wants to tackle the mountain on her own!
I don't have a problem with highlighting the possibilities for the elderly nor do I underestimate looking back on life with regrets but films focusing on these elements need to be grounded in reality.
Sadly, Edie is not and the flights of fantasy in its storyline became insurmountable distractions.

Reasons to watch: Sheila Hancock is always engaging and there is some great scenery
Reasons to avoid: Its premise is too far-fetched

Laughs: One
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating; 4/10

Director quote - Simon Hunter: "The idea came from the location. I wanted to tell a tale about this mountain which I have climbed many times. The question was always, who would climb this mountain? … and that slowly changed into who would be the least likely person to climb this mountain?

The big question - Did nobody say "an unfit 83-year-old could not do this' ?

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