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385. Dusty And Me; movie review

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Title : 385. Dusty And Me; movie review
link : 385. Dusty And Me; movie review

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Cert 12A
94 mins
BBFC advice: Contains moderate bad language, violence, discriminatory references

I groaned when I saw the doe-eyed dog peering out of the Dusty & Me poster.
Why? Because I feared it would be the latest soppy animal-loving movie in the style of Show Dogs and many others.
I am pleased to report that Betsan Morris Evans' film is more feel-good 70s nostalgia than 'let's all marvel at the clever canine'.
Ok, it is as light as Angel Delight - but just like that sloppy dessert, it reminded me of my childhood and my own awkward adolescence.
It stars Luke Newberry as Derek 'Dusty' Springfield, who is from a working-class area but has been to a posh school (yep, I ticked that box too).
He is hopeless with girls (me, too!), finds himself in the shadow of a brother who plays for Leeds United (can't claim that one) and is taken under the wing of an elder sibling who deals on the wrong side of the tracks (lost me now).
Anyway, as he waits for his Oxbridge entrance exam results (I went to Wolverhampton Polytechnic), he makes friends with a greyhound which has run away from a local kennel.
The mutt not only helps him fill his time but it also provides allure to the rather lovely lass (Genevieve Gaunt) from the local chip shop.
They see the potential in the lazy dog and think it may be able to win a race. Unfortuanatly, they are not the only ones.
Therefore, light comedy/drama surrounds the geek, his girlfriend, the greyhound and their supporters (including Dusty's mum (Lesley Sharp) and those who have supposedly darker intent but just out to be pantomime villains.
The conclusion maybe inevitable but is heartwarming and prompts memories in the type of easygoing feelgood movies from more innocent times.

Reasons to watch: Easygoing 70s comedy
Reasons to avoid: Not big on substance

Laughs: A few chuckles
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Director quote - Betsan Morris Evans: "It is the true story of a friend of mine's life and we moved it from London to the north of England so it was a little less about him."

The big question - Will people look back on the 2010s in the same dewy-eyed way we look at the 1970s?

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