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395. Kusama - Infinity; movie review

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Title : 395. Kusama - Infinity; movie review
link : 395. Kusama - Infinity; movie review

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Cert 12A
77 mins
BBFC advice: Contains moderate nudity, suicide references

"I could really see that on our wall at home, " said Mrs W, attracted by Yayoi Kusama's very individual paintings.
"That's good news. It seems it is up for sale," I replied.
"Have you got $28,000?"
Kusama may be prolific, even in her 90s, but that doesn't mean she is cheap, especially now that she has had a renaissance which makes her among the most popular artists in the world.
I had been unaware of the astonishing history of the Japanese artist until alighting upon Heather Lenz's biopic.
It narrates her life from her upbringing in pre-war Japan, through her success in America and her days in the wilderness which inspired her years in a psychiatric hospital from where she has managed to conquer the art world all over again.
Kusama is a fascinating character because both she and her art are quirky and outside of the mainstream.
One could perceive that she doesn't mind being in the firing line yet could also detect that she scarcely aware that she is prompting controversy.
She contributes little to the movie directly but instead there are interviews with those whose lives she touched during its various phases.
However, Lenz is allowed to follow her as she works and visits her own exhibitions on release from hospital.
She continues to wear the polka dot clothes which have been her symbol for decades and looks at least 30 years younger than she is.
In other words, Kusama is an enigma and will remain one. Lenz's film does a bit to lift her veil but cannot lay her soul completely bare.

Reasons to watch: An engaging portrait of one of the world's most successful artists
Reasons to avoid: It is a little bit too fawning

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 7/10

Director quote - Heather Lenz: "I started working on a script about Kusama while I pursued an MFA in film, in 2001. But the odds of coming straight out of school and getting to direct a big-budget period piece on a woman artist were not that great, especially as a female director. Because of that, and because she was still alive and able to tell her story in her own words, I decided I would make a documentary instead, never imagining that it would take so long."

The big question - Will we ever afford a Kusama?

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