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399. Crazy Rich Asians; movie review

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Title : 399. Crazy Rich Asians; movie review
link : 399. Crazy Rich Asians; movie review

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Cert 12A
121 mins
BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex references

After making nearly $200m profit so far, I don't know whether the makers of Crazy Rich Asians are wacky but they certainly are wealthy.
This is a curiosity - a romantic comedy which also digs deep at the psyche of Chinese families.
And, if we had taken it too seriously, it might have posed intriguing questions about happiness and money being uncomfortable bedfellows.
Jon M. Chu's film certainly has its merits - for starters, its leads (Constance Wu and Henry Golding) are engaging and very attractive.
Wu plays Rachel, a New York university professor who has no idea that her boyfriend (Golding) is the heir to the biggest fortune in Singapore.
Therefore, when he invites her to the wedding of his best friend (Chris Pang), she accepts without reservation.
She ends up wishing that she had not been so hasty.
It turns out that her fella's family are akin to aristocracy and she has a huge fight to prove her worth.
Therefore, the crux of the film centres on the outsider's attempts to win over the sternest of opponents in her beau's mother (Michelle Yeoh) and her coterie who are only too pleased to see the new girl fail.
Meanwhile, she has a couple of allies of her own in the form of her quirky best mate (Akwafina) and her chap's glamorous sister (Gemma Chan) who has troubles of her own.
Rachel leads the resistance with passion despite taking several venomous blows from Yeoh. Meanwhile, Golding's character naively thinks that love will simply win the day.
Mrs W was more taken with Crazy Rich Asians than me, noting the added interest of Chinese culture being applied to a rom-com.
I was reasonably engaged but didn't laugh enough to recommend it as a comedy (actually, Akwafina's on-screen family, including Hangover veteran Ken Jeong, cornered all of the funniest scenes but only had cameos).
However, those who had read the bestseller on which the film is based were clearly enamoured (and young) and their ribs were definitely tickled.

Reasons to watch: Adaptation of an international best-seller
Reasons to avoid: Not enough laughs for us

Laughs: Three
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6.5/10

Director quote - Jon M. Chu: "The book had so much personal connection. Not the “crazy rich” part, but being an Asian-American. It was the Rachel Chu journey that I actually wanted to write myself about my own journey but didn’t because it was too personal."

The big question - Do those who have married into wealth really forget from where they have come?

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