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401. Teen Titans Go (!) To The Movies;

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Title : 401. Teen Titans Go (!) To The Movies;
link : 401. Teen Titans Go (!) To The Movies;

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Cert PG
88 mins
BBFC advice: Contains mild violence, rude humour

I have been an avid movie watcher for many years but dont always understand when some films are hits and some are misses.
Teen Titans Go! (sic) To The Movies is one of the most successful animated films of the year at the box office and yet I would have thought it would go over the heads of many young children - even including those who watch their TV series.
I enjoyed it because it is a lampoon of the superhero film phenomenon and I have been fed up of the latter's domination of cinema.
But this film is regularly slotted for the 10am screenings and appears to have been marketed at kids as opposed to the adults who would probably appreciate it.
Aaron Horvath and Peter Rida Michail's film stars Scott Menville as the voice of Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans who have seen off the fearsome balloon man.
However, Robin is agitated by the lack of media exposure the Teen Titans receive by comparison to the other superheroes, including his supposed mentor, Batman.
He is further antagonised at a Batman premiere when spin-offs are announced but none focus on him.
Therefore, he and his junior band of heroes head off to make headlines so big that studio bosses will not be able to resist making him a movie star.
Inevitably, things do not go as planned and there are clashes with everyone from his pals to the better-known super-heroes and even studio chiefs.
Consequently, it looks as though Robin will never be a movie star.
Teen Titans is very heavy in irony - not least by portraying a film character as real.
However, I was left wondering whether young children would wonder what on earth is going on.
Sure, they will like the mini cartoon characters taking on Goliath-sized foes but, surely, the gags will go over their heads.
Why should I care? I didn't have a five-year-old in tow so I could cackle in all of the right places.
The humour and delivery of Teen Titans are similar to the recent trio of Lego movies. Indeed, in the final analysis, they are as good as the first one and better than the proceeding two.
I just fear that, in the same way as the Lego franchise, the makers are now going to take the joke to far.

Reasons to watch: Pacy, amusing lampoon of superhero movies
Reasons to avoid: The jokes don't always hit the mark

Laughs: Chuckles rather than belly-laughs
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7/10

Director quote - Aaron Horvath: "I would say the Teen Titans have definitely gotten funnier, gotten a little sillier and they probably eat more food than they ever have before."

The big question - Has Robin really been given his due?

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