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405. Postcards from the 48%; movie review

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Title : 405. Postcards from the 48%; movie review
link : 405. Postcards from the 48%; movie review

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Cert PG
111 mins
BBFC advice: Contains infrequent mild bad language, disrimination references, suicide references

Here's an everyfilm first - a movie which features someone I know.
Matt Kelly, who is editor of the New European, was, briefly, a senior figure at Local World, which was once the parent company of the Derby Telegraph of which I was editor.
He is a passionate chap who I recall having very fierce views and not responding especially well to challenge.
Soundbites from him and the New European's editor at large, Alastair Campbell,  punctuate David Wilkinson's Postcards From the 48%.
Yep, the same Alastair Campbell who was unmoved by the march of a million against the war in Iraq.
I digress.
This is a documentary in which Wilkinson sets about putting an argument for the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union in the form of a video postcard to those who live in the other 27 EU states.
As someone who voted for remain, I understand the points being made and empathise with them.
However, because I was a newspaper editor during the referendum campaign and have delved into politics over the past two years, I am also aware of the triggers for the leave vote.
Wilkinson's contributors too easily pass the leavers off as protest-voters against the state of domestic politics or imply that they are either stupid, racist or both.
The heads of the leave campaign are painted as being arrogant and having deliberately misled the public.
To my mind, the movie exemplifies exactly why the remain campaign failed.
During the film, Wilkinson tours the country finding examples of the potential impact of Brexit but only once, on a brief foray to Stoke-on-Trent, does he visit an area which was heavily in favour of it.
I wished he had worked harder on finding the reasons why working class people voted leave and prompting the likes of Kelly and Campbell to address them.
There is a presumption among the London-based elites that people are changing their mind and another referendum would make Brexit go away.
Indeed, a second vote seems to be the golden fleece of those interviewed in Wilkinson's film.
But what if those who live in cities such as Stoke-on-Trent are steadfast in their views and the Brexiteers won the day again?
Only author Ian McEwan dared to admit that this would even be a possibility.
Campbell did admit that the masses need to be persuaded but I encounter little evidence that they have been convinced.
It may be that they should never have been consulted in the first place because all of the facts were not to hand but we cannot forget that there had been an anti-European sentiment in the UK for many years and that a successful political party had been created on its back.
That feeling has not gone away because it has been found out that exaggerations were made during the campaign.
Alastair Campbell knows more than most about political spin and yet cries foul when his opponents do it.
He, Kelly, Wilkinson and co. need not only to gather people together of like minds. They must convince those who oppose their views.
Only then will the 48% become the majority.
Disappointingly, this movie does not seem to have grasped that.

Reasons to watch: Outlines eloquently the reasons to stay in the UK
Reasons to avoid: Is preaching to the converted

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Director quote - David Wilkinson: "It is by no means an attack on Leave voters – the opposite in fact. Many of those people voted in the way they did because they were told lies. I do not see the benefit of attacking people who have been lied to. And we must not pretend lies were not told by the Remain camp as well – neither side were innocent."

The big question - Will the British people ever be united again?

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