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406. Mary And The Witch's Flower; movie review

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Title : 406. Mary And The Witch's Flower; movie review
link : 406. Mary And The Witch's Flower; movie review

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Cert U
103 mins
BBFC advice: Contains very mild threat

Just for a second, I thought that the British had created an animation to match the subtle joys of Japanese cartoons.
Nah! Mary And The Witch's Flower might include the voice work of UK stars such as Kate Winslet, Jim Broadbent and Ewen Bremner but they have been dubbed over the Japanese original.
To be enturely fair, I should mention that the story was originally written by English novelist, Mary Stewart, but its adaptation has all the hallmarks of the Japanese.
It centres on Mary (Ruby Barnhill), a young girl who discovers unusual plants which flower once every seven years.
She grabs a bunch and quickly realises they have mystical powers which bring a broomstick to life and prompt it to take Mary to another world.
There she is mistaken for a new pupil at a college of magic run by a headmistress (Winslet) and professor (Broadbent) whose initially gentle facade is quickly blown.
Thus, Mary finds herself in a battle of wits and magic with the dastardly pair who are chasing more of the mysterious flowers to help with an evil transformation project.
Actually, that summary probably makes Hiromasa Yonebayashi's movie seem more complicated than it is.
Essentially, it is a fight between good and evil with a determined young girl leading the battle for the former.
There are also a few cartoon monsters which will spark the attention of littles ones and there are very solid messages of the difference between right and wrong, personal determination and what to do to recify a mistake.
If the latter makes it seem po-faced, I can also reveal that much of the action takes place on a flying broomstick.
Mary And The Witch's Flower is a charmer and I suspect that it will prompt those who are unaccustomed to Japanese-style anime, to look for more.

Reasons to watch: Charming animated tale
Reasons to avoid: Will be a tad too fanciful for some

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7.5/10

Director quote - Hiromasa Yonebayashi: “This time we wanted to make a film with a protagonist who acts before thinking. This applies to starting a new studio as well; it was important we take action without thinking too much.”

The big question - What was the foundation of the idea of broomsticks being associated with magic?

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