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413. Searching; movie review

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Title : 413. Searching; movie review
link : 413. Searching; movie review

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Cert 12A
102 mins
BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language, moderate violence, drug references

Many studios have tried and failed to use modern-day communications as the foundation for mainstream thrillers.
I am, therefore, pleased to report that Aneesh Chaganty has not only cracked it but he has also thrown in a bit of tech nostalgia.
Chaganty's Searching begins with a young mum (Sara Sohn) and dad (John Cho) putting up their first photos of their daughter, Margot, on their new computer (remember when the whole family had their own passwords?).
As time goes on, the photos and videos track Margot through the ages.
However, it also records her mum's fight against a cancer which becomes terminal.
Cho's character is left alone and an already potentially tricky relationship with a by-now teenage daughter (Michelle La) becomes even more difficult.
Indeed, the last time they speak before she goes missing is a row over her not emptying the bin.
For a couple of days, although worried, he presumes she is with friends but it is only when he delves into cyberspace does he discover how little he knows her.
Therefore, we see him on Facebook, Facetime, Instagram and desperately trying to find where she might be.
Meanwhile, Debra Messing plays the award-winning cop who has been assigned to her case and leads the search.
I was enthralled by Searching, probably because I could see myself in the shoes of the initially helpless father.
And it is interesting that people can become cyber detectives nowadays, looking for clues on computer histories and across the myriad social media platforms.
Of course, as Chaganty's film suggests, those who look too hard may not always find what they expect or want and the tension is ratcheted up in Searching by many a false lead.
I thought Searching was an enthralling, cleverly-designed thriller which is worthy or recommendation.
Its finale bugged Mrs W who thought it bucked the movie's realism but I reckon it still deserves 8/10.

Reasons to watch: Cyber thriller which really works
Reasons to avoid: Mrs W would say its ending

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 8/10

Director quote - Aneesh Chaganty: "Once we cracked the story, we realised that the best way to do this was by taking an unconventional filmmaking approach and marrying it with a very conventional classic structure. That marriage can be something very, very fresh, emotional, engaging, and honestly put the story first. Which was something that we felt like it had never been done."

The big question - How many secrets would you find out about your family if you delved into social media?

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