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420. Johnny English Strikes Again; movie review

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Title : 420. Johnny English Strikes Again; movie review
link : 420. Johnny English Strikes Again; movie review

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Cert PG
89 mins
BBFC advice: Contains mild comic violence, language

Do you remember the 80s?
If you can, you will recall the freshness of Not The Nine O'Clock News and the brilliance of Blackadder.
The following decade, Rowan Atkinson had resorted to Barclaycard ads but at least they were pretty funny.
Now, at the age of 63, he is making a career out of extending the character in those TV adverts to feature films.
And, fair play to him, the evidence I witnessed at Nottingham Cineworld was that he is still making young people laugh.
I just pity them for not knowing him when he was playing Gerald the Gorilla or Prince George's butler. Then they would have known him when he really was funny.
Actually, if they had been around to enjoy 80s comedy they would have also been au fait with Leslie Nielsen who did spoof law enforcement so much better than Atkinson.
Nielsen's Naked Gun still prompts me to laugh three decades later. I can remember scenes from it better than I can recall those from David Kerr's movie - and I only watched the latter two days ago.
In 2011, I wrote: "I guess Johnny English might be (funny) in three-minute bursts. He was never meant to be on the screen for nearly two hours and you can tell.
"Somewhere along the way, however, Atkinson's dimwit spy has become a hit with the kids."
I could have written the same this week. 
Children were laughing at the English character who is restored to MI7 after all of its agents are exposed by a cyber leak.
English, a more traditional spy, teams up again with Bough (Ben Miller) to try to track down the man who is threatening the world's entire digital infrastructure.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister (why did Emma Thompson agree to this?) is fawning all over a techno whizz-kid (Jake Lacy).
Yep, it doesn't take a genius to work out who the bad guy is.
However, English has lower than the average IQ so it takes rather longer than one might have expected. But at least it is the fun of his pratfalls during the chase which gets the kids giggling.
I'm afraid I have seen Atkinson pulling his rubbery face once too often so I couldn't laugh along with them.

Reasons to watch: If you are nine years old or below
Reasons to avoid: If you saw Rowan Atkinson when he was really funny

Laughs: Two chuckles
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 3.5/10

Director quote - David Kerr: "I've been a huge fan of Rowan Atkinson most of my life. I watched his TV sketches and Not The 9 O’clock News when I was a teenager. Just found him incredibly funny."

The big question - Is Rowan Atkinson doing this because he thinks it's funny or just for the money?

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