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421. Halloween (2018); movie review

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Title : 421. Halloween (2018); movie review
link : 421. Halloween (2018); movie review

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Cert 18
106 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong bloody violence, gore

Is it a sign of old age to think how lucky I am to have lived through what I perceive to have been golden ages of the cinema?
Nowadays, big studios seem to be reduced to supporting certain box office hits.
The consequence is that today's audiences are rarely served cutting-edge material - they have to settle for a diet of sequels or remakes.
A few years ago I was on radio defending the number of franchise films but this year there cannot have been a week in which one wasn't released.
And I am fed up with them.
This latest remake of the John Carpenter's Halloween comes 40 years after the original and sees a return to the big screen of Jamie Lee Curtis.
By the way who knew that Curtis was a British baroness, through marriage?
I digress.
The Right Honourable The Lady Haden-Guest was mere Miss Curtis when she made her cinema debut as a 19-year-old in Halloween.
Four decades later she is playing a grandmother who is obsessed with protecting her family from the psychopath Michael Myers.
Meanwhile, Rhian Rees and Jefferson Hall portray reporters who are probing the story of the Myers' killings just ahead of his transfer from a maximum security jail.
Anyone who has seen a slasher movie will know that his escape is inevitable otherwise there wouldn't be a remake but I shall refrain from going into what happens thereafter.
Other than to say that Curtis's character has to try to save her daughter (Judy Greer) and grand-daughter (Andi Matichak) before facing him down.
On the plus side, David Gordon Green's 2018 Halloween isn't as bad as I feared. It made me jump three times and nicely recreates the late 70s-style horror with its music, titles and atmosphere.
On the downside, we have seen it all before so don't expect anything ground-breaking.

Reasons to watch: If you haven't seen any of the Carpenter horrors
Reasons to avoid: Breaks no new ground

Laughs: None
Jumps: Three
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 5.5/10

Director quote - David Gordon Green: "I've just been a huge fan of the movies. All of them, actually. But particularly the original film, which got under my skin in a way that no other horror film has – well, maybe The Silence of the Lambs. Those two movies really affected me. I saw them in my youth and they were very exciting and terrifying."

The big question - Why have ground-breaking film-makers like John Carpenter run out of ideas?

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