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423. Sanju; movie review

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Title : 423. Sanju; movie review
link : 423. Sanju; movie review

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Cert 15
158 mins
BBFC advice: Contains drug references, drugs misuse, infrequent strong sex references

I have to confess that, prior to watching Sanju, I had little knowledge of the career of Sanjay Dutt because he was both a star and notorious before I started watching Bollywood movies.
However, I was surprised by the message sent out by Rajkumar Hirani's biopic and was, consequently, inspired to read some further material about him.
Dutt is one of the legions of celebrities who deflect light towards the media to cover for their own bad behaviour.
But, as I suspected, this Dutt-authorised picture (he appears in the credits) tells a narrative only from his viewpoint.
As entertainment, it is rather intoxicating - largely thanks to an outstanding performance by Ranbir Kapoor but we should probably take its veracity with a pinch of salt.
The latter plays Dutt reflecting back on his life as he is facing up to a prison stretch for holding an AK-46 at the time of the Mumbai bombings.
On his downside, we see him owning up to being a bad son to his loyal father and Bollywood legend Sunil (Paresh Rawal) as well as going through drug addiction.
There is also a hint of the type of people/gangsters with whom he has mixed.
However, the overall message is that speculation in the media which bears the greatest responsibility for his downfall.
Of course, I am biased, but I am getting a bit sick of how easily celebrities are managing to sidestep scrutiny by blaming 'fake news'.
Would Dutt have spent so long behind bars if he had done no wrong? I doubt it - particularly in a society where celebrities usually manage to buy themselves out of trouble.
Anyway, his history is intriguing even if this is his version of it and Kapoor's transformation from youthful and slimline Dutt to tubby middle-aged, through a variety of mullet haircuts, is remarkable.
He is ably supported by Rawal as the father whose love shines through despite his son's behaviour and Vicky Kaushal as his equally beleaguered best friend.
Meanwhile, the film is held together by his story being told to a famous writer (Anushka Sharma) whom he hopes will ghost his autobiography.
Among all of the debates about the truth of the film's content and elements which have been left out, it struck me that Sanjay Dutt would have been nothing without his father.
Indeed, the movie doesn't even suggest he has any talent other than for causing a stir.
And that is probably why it is so entertaining.

Reasons to watch: An arresting biopic
Reasons to avoid: Its balance might be questioned by some

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7/10

Director quote - Rajkumar Hirani: "The fascination is not because I know him, but because I thought ‘somebody can have a life like that?’ Film-makers are greedy people - we want good stories and good subjects. This one just fell into my lap."

The big question - Is this a real reflection of Sanjay Dutt or just gloss?

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