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424. Khido Khundi; movie review

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Title : 424. Khido Khundi; movie review
link : 424. Khido Khundi; movie review

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Cert 12A
152 mins
BBFC advice: Contains moderate violence suicide scene

Let me make it clear - I absolutely abhor racism and I understand why people from India should still feel strongly about the British, given their treatment by the colonialists.
But a movie which strikes hard at current racial attitudes towards those of Indian descent in the UK needs to be rather more accurate than Khido Khundi.
Rohit Jugraj's film undermines the important points it is trying to raise by being so slapdash in basic facts.
For example, there is a court scene halfway through the film which is designed to demonstrate how much the authorities favour white over brown people.
I have spent many days and weeks reporting from courts in this country and never have I witnessed the type of circus which is represented.
It is true there have been ghastly outcomes such as those in the Stephen Lawrence case but even then there are basic court procedures which are sacrosanct.
There may be excuses for Khido Khudi's bad acting but basic mistakes such as having 12 people in the dock when there should only be two are unnecessary and irritating.
Sadly, racism is still a stark reality in Brexit Britain but I would argue that sport is where it is least prevalent.
Therefore, to make hockey the plank of a 'we will get our own back on the British' movie jarred more than a little.
After all, this is the country where football is king and a huge percentage of the top players are foreign. Meanwhile, our second sport is cricket and half of the national team are of Asian descent.
Other sporting heroes are people such as Sir Mo Farah, Amir Khan and many others.
Nevertheless, Jugraj alights upon a Henley-based hockey team in which a lad of Punjabi descent (Ranjit Bawa) is brutally victimised despite being the best player.
Thus, his brother (Manav Vij) with whom he has previously been at odds, backs him to take on the English at their own game.
I am afraid every cliche is played out alongside stilted acting in the final hour of exaggeration nationalistic piffle -suddenly a university team becomes 'England' and a village team becomes 'Punjab' and the match between two low-standard sides is live on TV.
The English are portrayed as arrogant and spiteful, led by a dementedly racist coach (Bryan Lawrence), and the Punjabis are heroic and dig deep within themselves to discover their inner fighting spirit.
It isn't too hard to see what the final result will be.

Reasons to watch: If you are Punjabi and believe to English need a bloody nose
Reasons to avoid: If you don't believe in lazy movie-making

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 3/10

Director statement - Rohit Jugraj: "The film will bring into limelight the small village – Sansarpur on outskirts of Jalandhar, which has produced as many as 14 hockey Olympians."

The big question - Was it really necessary to play the racism card so heavily in a film about sporting heroism?

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