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439. To Die For (Can Feda); movie review

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Title : 439. To Die For (Can Feda); movie review
link : 439. To Die For (Can Feda); movie review

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Cert 15
109 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong violence

We have heard and read much about Isis and Al Qaeda but could any of us in the West imagine them waging war right on our doorstep?
Turkey has been hit by the brunt of the refugee crisis and terrorist attacks which can be associated with the war on nearby Syria.
Indeed, I would bet that few know about its occupation of 3,460 square kilometres in northern Syria in which it has offered safe haven to those in 499 settlements which were previously under the black flag of Isis.
Apparently, the Syrian interim government has moved there and begun to extend partial authority.
I digress.
Çagatay Tosun's To Die For isn't explicitly about Turkey's creation on this safe zone - instead, it is a fictional representation of a mission into Syria.
Turkish cinema's pin-up boy Burak Özçivit stars as the leader of a small military unit which is taking on the terrorists on their own turf.
Meanwhile, Kerem Bürsin plays his pilot friend who comes to his squad's rescue but then has to eject before his plane crashes.
There is much rah-rah-rah-ing about fearless Turkish soldiers from the mountains as they take on the bad guys and try to free as many persecuted civilians as possible.
However, it's not an easy gig. The enemy is fierce and doesn't care if it is martyred.
It is fair enough that Tosun's film highlights the troubled relationship between Turkey and its near neighbour.
However, his characters are too thinly drawn - with Özçivit as the stereotypical fearless leader chasing revenge and the background of his team reduced to a cherished family photo.
Meanwhile, the motivation of the terrorists is, as ever, unclear. They are merely seen as demons to be killed off by the Turkish heroes.
While this may be true, it doesn't make for particularly compelling viewing.

Reasons to watch: Shows how close to how the Syrian war is for Turks
Reasons to avoid: Its plot is very thin

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

The big question - How are the terrorists able to continue in the face of concerted attacks by NATO armed forces?

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