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440. McQueen; movie review

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Title : 440. McQueen; movie review
link : 440. McQueen; movie review

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Cert 15
109 mins
BBFC advice: Contains very strong language, sexualised nudity, references to sexual violence

Is fashion really as important as life and death?
If you are tempted to reply "of course, it isn't", you might need to examine the story of designer Lee Alexander McQueen.
He was the 'bad boy of fashion' who challenged its accepted norms and then, tragically, committed suicide.
As Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui's documentary shows, McQueen was an East End boy who was at his happiest when he was creating collections by the seat of his proverbial pants.
Their film chronicles McQueen's life from childhood to his death in 2010 and includes interviews with many of those who were closest to him.
It spares no sensitivities in offering opinions about why he was so unhappy despite his meteoric rise in the world of fashion.
It traces his career from his first designs as a student when he had to borrow from friends and family through working for Givenchy, Gucci's investment in his own label and its subsequent success.
It highlights McQueen's originality both in terms of his eye for fashion and the very unusual collection shows.
But, behind the facade, there is a sadness and those interviewed explore clues over his untimely demise.
McQueen is a thorough biopic throwing up revelations which might help to explain McQueen's state of mind both for the creative good and the destructive bad.
It is another fashion documentary which I have enjoyed despite not having a stylish bone in my body.

Reasons to watch: Thorough biopic of a young genius
Reasons to avoid: Can only offer speculation about McQueen's death

Laughs: None
Jumps:  None
Vomit: None
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 8/10

Director quote - Ian Bonhôte: “We wanted to make a really respectful cinematic version of Lee’s story,” Bonhôte tells Vogue. “You could go very tabloid and sensationalist, but we wanted to put his work at the film’s centre, and to try to tell his life from the fashion shows. People were excited about this.”

The big question - Why did McQueen die?

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