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470. Kasal; movie review

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Title : 470. Kasal; movie review
link : 470. Kasal; movie review

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Cert 15
115 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong language, discrimination theme

I can't say that I have watched more than a dozen Filipino movies but they all seem to be about the tribulations of the rich.
I can only assume that the average working class cinema-going Filipino Jane or Joe must be fascinated by them.
The premise of Kasal is that a school teacher (Bea Alonzo) is engaged to a mayoral candidate (Paulo Avelino) who is the reluctant new spearhead of a political dynasty.
When his campaign begins to struggle, she comes up with a plan to complete a bridge to the island.
It would be a vote winner but the best company to complete the job is led by her former boyfriend (Derek Ramsay).
The latter sets about snatching her away from her fiancee by dredging up some secrets about his past.
Ruel S. Bayani's film is set in the land of beautiful people whose wealth drips from their high-fashion clothes and gold taps.
It is interesting, therefore, that Alonzo's character, Lia, has had a much less cosseted upbringing and is dismayed by the verbal fencing between the powerful and the pretentious.
Kasal is different from any other film I have seen this year because it attacks the subject of bisexuality and the perceived shame of not adhering to traditional norms.
This adds spice to what seems it is going to be a straightforward rivalry for a pretty young woman.
The leads are all engaging and there are also feisty contributions from Ricky Davao as Lia's transgender father and Cherie Gil as her fiance's manipulating mother.
Kasal certainly has enough intrigue to keep its audiences entertained but there are frustrating moments when it drifts into the land of cliche.
That's a shame because its makers have really tried to push boundaries here in a mainstream genre.

Reasons to watch: Tense romantic drama
Reasons to avoid: Characters are a bit stilted

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: Bare bum
Overall rating: 6/10

Director quote - Ruel S. Bayani: "Kasal (wedding) means a lot to Filipinos and thus it has a different appeal. It could mean a milestone in one’s life, it could be a source of dilemma or conflict and from all these associations, I decided Kasal is still the perfect title for my film.”

The big question - How far would you go to try to defeat a love rival?

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