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1. Playing Hard (Zabawa Zabawa)

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Title : 1. Playing Hard (Zabawa Zabawa)
link : 1. Playing Hard (Zabawa Zabawa)

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Cert 15
88 mins
BBFC advice: Contains scene of sexual violence, strong language

How ironic! Just a few hours after seeing in the New Year and witnessing the inebriated state of some middle-aged lasses in a Coventry pub, the first movie of 2019 is about female alcoholics.
A private link to Zabawa Zabawa was sent to me after permission from its producers. I don't often say how much I appreciate the movie industry's help in my quest. Frankly, without its assistance, it wouldn't be possible.
Anyway, on with the show and Kinga Debska's movie which highlights how drink can ruin lives.
Sadly, Mrs W and I are only too aware of this because her sister's addiction to alcohol cost her life at the age of 40, back in 2001. She left two children.
On the same path are public prosecutor, Dorata (Agata Kulesza), who escapes charge for offences committed under the influence because of the immunity of her office, party-loving company intern, Magda (Maria Debska) and an award-winning paediatrician, Teresa (Dorota Kolak).
Playing Hard tells their three parallel stories as their respectively successful careers are undone by drink.
Dorota's family also come under intense pressure because of her excessive drinking and subsequent denial of her addiction.
Inevitably, this takes a toll on her marriage to an MP (Marcin Dorocinski) and even endangers their child.
Meanwhile, Marta's keenness on drink not only threatens her successful internship but puts her in peril.
And thirdly, Teresa is initially seen being rewarded for her achievements only for her reputation to be jeopardised by her reliance on the bottle.
Playing Hard tries to explore many avenues of alcoholism in a short time with particular emphasis on how far the women will fall before recognising the need to turn their lives around.
All three are convincing in their reactions, be they positive or negative, as are those around them.
But there is a strangeness to Kinga Debska's movie in that it throws in flickers of strangely out-of-place comedy - particularly, in the shape of two police officers who have to deal with the cases of all three women.
This serves to dilute a hard-hitting and powerful message.
In 2016, an article in the Krakow Post stated: "While the majority of the European Union has seen a consistent decline in alcohol intake, rates increased by 30% in Poland between 2001 and 2012. This is in sharp contrast to the yearly decline in consumption the country had enjoyed since 1980."
Playing Hard makes a sincere effort towards pricking a nation's conscience.

Reasons to watch: It raises a serious and rarely handled subject
Reasons to avoid: Its strange, occasionally comedic tone

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? An estimated 28 billion PLN was lost in 2015 due to alcohol-related problems.

The final word: Kinga Debska (director): "We live in a world almost drowned in alcohol, and women are quicker to become addicts. Each Pole is an alcohol savant and if someone is not drinking, he can be suspected of being a sober alcoholic. Alcoholics are disappointed idealists, they are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. After they drink, they show you a totally different side of them."

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