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11. The Favourite; movie review

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Title : 11. The Favourite; movie review
link : 11. The Favourite; movie review

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Cert 15
119 mins
BBFC advice: Contains very strong language, strong sex

Let's be clear - The Favourite ain't no Merchant Ivory-style period drama.
This is the early 18th century, punctuated by ambition, treachery and liberal use of the c-word. And I'm just describing the women!
However, if ears can be sensitised, there is rich reward in Yorgos Lanthimos's tale of the brutal battle for the affection of a queen.
And, I am delighted to report that, with the exception of 17 rabbits and a bit of bedroom sauciness, it is factually accurate.
The Favourite stars Olivia Colman who is finally being recognised for the brilliant actress she is.
Her Golden Globe win is fully merited after she slapped on nearly three stone to portray a gout-ridden monarch who compensates for self-doubt with moments of rage.
Initially, her chief advisor is her childhood friend, Lady Marlborough (Rachel Weisz) - an arch political conniver whose closeness with the queen and quick-wittedness have enabled her to become tacit Prime Minister.
However, her power begins to be eroded when her cousin, Abigail (Emma Stone) comes to her in search of a job after falling upon hard times.
Initially, Abigail is the lowest of the scullery maids but she has the fleet-footedness to ingratiate at the right moments and soon finds herself Lady Marlborough's personal attendant.
From then on, her access to the queen prompt an unstoppable power lust.
While the two women battle for the queen's patronage, the men at court are effectively neutered although the leader of the opposition (Nicholas Hoult) tries his best to match their skullduggery.
The Favourite's plaudits are down to a combination of its look, brilliant acting and a wonderfully incisive script with a story which enthrals throughout.
I wouldn't quibble at Colman being recognised for her Queen Anne and I thought Stone was absolutely terrific but I reserve my greatest plaudits for Weisz.
Her delivery of some A-class put-down lines is as sharp as a glass scalpel.
So, will my mother (who is keen on history) like The Favourite? Probably not because the swearing and sex would put her off.
Is it worthy of its acclaim.?Yes, definitely.

Reasons to watch: Looks great, brilliant acting, compelling story
Reasons to avoid: Swearing is overdone, unsatisfying ending

Laughs: Three
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 9/10

Did you know? Under the Acts of Union, During the reign of Queen Anne, in 1707,  England and Scotland were united into a single kingdom called Great Britain, with one parliament.

The final word - Olivia Colman: “I much prefer these sorts of roles because there is no pressure to be something you are not, and I am obviously not glamorous. I'm more a jeans and sweater-with-something-spilt-on-it person."

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