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13. RBG.; movie review

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Title : 13. RBG.; movie review
link : 13. RBG.; movie review

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Cert PG
98 mins
BBFC advice: Contains references to discrimination, mild bad language

Through the joy of watching documentaries I have discovered many people who have changed the world but are relatively unsung.
Ok, it is true that Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become something of a rock star in America in her later years because she has become a voice of dissent.
But decades ago she was fighting, unheralded, for equality for women and winning landmark decisions.
Nowadays, at 84, she bathes with quiet glee in being dubbed the Notorious RBG - a nod towards the rapper Biggie Smalls, who arguably only has their native Brooklyn in common.
Betsy West and Julie Cohen's film is a homage to Bader Ginsburg, chronicling her life from her childhood onwards.
Her story is one of astounding success in the face of extreme adversity.
Bader Ginsburg's parents had died, she was one of only a handful of female law students at Cornell University, her husband, Martin, suffered from virulent cancer and she had to care for him and bring up their baby while studying.
And that was before her mid-20s!
It set the tone for a life in which she has never shied from taking on anyone, regardless of position, with quiet effective argument.
I found it fascinating that in a country where the loudest voices tend to prevail, Bader Ginsburg has been one of its most successful litigators in the past century, without raising her voice.
Her victories and dedication to the law and equal rights should have paved the way for recognition long before they did but she is clearly enjoying her current fame.
Indeed, it is pleasing that a woman who is almost as 'notorious' for her lack of humour as her pin-sharp legal mind, is seen laughing at Saturday Night Live impressions of her.
Another example that her humanity is countless paces ahead of Donald Trump's.

Reasons to watch: A fascinating portrait of a ground-breaker for women's rights
Reasons to avoid: If you are a rabid right-winger

Laughs: A couple of chuckles
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 8/10

Did you know? In 2013, Ginsburg became the first Supreme Court justice to officiate at a same-sex marriage ceremony.

The final word - Betsy West: "We realised that many of her millennial fans and other admirers didn’t know the entire story. The fact that she was a crusader for women’s rights, that she won rights for women, under the constitution, in the 1970s, as a young lawyer arguing before the Supreme Court, and also that she had an amazing personal story with a great romance, to boot."

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