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2. The 12th Man (Den 12. mann); movie review

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Title : 2. The 12th Man (Den 12. mann); movie review
link : 2. The 12th Man (Den 12. mann); movie review

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Cert 15
133 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong violence, injury detail, threat

Blimey... we have seen many stories of Second World War derring-do but I cannot recall any that defy the odds to quite the same level as Jan Baalsrud's.
Such is its power than I am surprised it is being shown at so few cinema screens in the UK.
But fear not, The 12th Man is being released simultaneously on demand and both Mrs W and I heartily recommend it.
Harald Zwart's film sticks very closely to the facts of a failed mission by a band of British-trained Norwegian resistance fighters to attack German military installations in their homeland.
Eleven of the dozen men are captured, tortured and killed and only Baalsrud escapes, minus a shoe and sock, into the fearsome winter of the Arctic Circle.
The lack of footwear is worth mentioning because the state of Baalsrud's foot threatens his life over the next few weeks.
Thomas Gullestad gives a remarkable performance as the film's hero who faces death in incalculable ways, incalculable times.
He is saved by his own tenacity and the willingness of Norwegians to take risks despite being under the Nazi jackboot.
The 12th Man is so realistic and enthralling that we could almost feel the chill wind in our toasty living room.
Gullestad's transformation from muscular military man to what is little more than a frozen skeleton is remarkable.
Meanwhile, Jonathan Rhys Meyers' role as a crazed SS officer who pursues him is given an extra edge because he learned German ahead of making the film.
There is also impressive support from Mads Sjøgård Pettersen and Marie Blokhus as brother and sister farmers who have to fend off the Germans while trying to protect Baalsrud.
The other vital element is how Zwart has managed to conjure the effects biting snow and cold so well. I felt shivers down my spine as Baalsrud faces frostbite.
I am pleased to report that The 12th Man differs only slightly from historical fact and, therefore, instead of groaning at its exaggeration, both Mrs W and I were left open-mouthed.

Reasons to watch: Enthralling true story
Reasons to avoid: Gory scenes

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Did you know? Baalsrud's final wish before he died in 1988 was to be buried in the churchyard in Manndalen on the route of his death-defying trek. His headstone has the inscription: "Thank you to everyone who helped me to freedom in 1943".

The final word. Harald Zwart: "This movie is as much about Jan Baalsrud's survival as it is about the people who helped him. The people who helped him put their own lives at risk, but they helped this person in need without any hesitation."

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