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3. Isolani; movie review

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Title : 3. Isolani; movie review
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Cert 15
110 mins
BBFC advice: TBA

I must admit that when I watched Kris Commons thwacking in the goals for Nottingham Forest and Derby County, I didn't have him pegged as a film producer.
He and his wife Lisa Hague have provided backing for a very credible thriller which has found its way to a multiplex run next week.
As it stands Isolani is only appearing at Cineworld in Renfrew Street but I wonder whether word of its quality might spread and persuade others to screen it.
Writer and director R. Paul Wilson has created a movie which reaches into the underbelly of Glasgow and has several unusual dimensions.
It includes a stand-out performance by Kate McLaughlin as 17-year-old Isla who is squatting in a condemned block of flats with her deaf four-year-old son.
Hers is a tragic story of our time - pregnant at just 13, estranged from her parents but determined, despite all the odds, to look after her child and keep their heads above water.
Her adversity is heightened further when she witnesses a murder outside her home and is with the victim as he breathes his last.
The repercussions are inevitable because both a local criminal (Gianni Capaldi) and dodgy detective (Jim Sweeney) have been involved.
From Taggart to Rebus there have been plenty of productions which have mined the rich seam of Scottish crime (I am still yet to see one without a detective drinking whisky) but Isolani sets itself apart by seeing the reverberations through Isla's eyes.
The parallel story of her struggle to hold on to her son in the face of pressure from her parents and social services is as compelling as the tough-guy crime.
It also adds an intriguing layer with the intervention of the public prosecutor (Catriona Evans) and the power she has over the police.
Isolani had a budget of only £250,000 but the best thing I can say is that I genuinely would never have known.
It was shot in an incredible 18 days and, during production, the crew depended on friends, free locations, bartered favours and the kindness of strangers.
I hope those who helped get to see the finished product. Everyone connected to it should be proud.

Reasons to watch: Low-budget film done really well
Reasons to avoid: I confess to not always grasping to Scottish accents

Laughs: None
Jumps: One
Vomit: None
Nudity: Bare bum
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? Dundee City Council had the highest rate of teenage pregnancy across Scotland at 51.8 per 1,000, while East Dunbartonshire had the lowest at 15.3.

Final word?  Paul R. Wilson: "I think we produced a lot of movie for that money (£250,000), from the quality of image to production design and performance – every element is top notch."

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