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8. Island Of The Hungry Ghosts; movie review

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Title : 8. Island Of The Hungry Ghosts; movie review
link : 8. Island Of The Hungry Ghosts; movie review

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Cert 12A
98 mins
BBFC advice: Contains upsetting scenes, references, to suicide and self-harm

When I saw the first testimonial to Island Of The Hungry Ghosts contained the word 'metaphorical' I knew we were in for a hard time.
By its end, both Mrs W and I were wishing that Gabrielle Brady had gone for plain and simple rather than, in the words of another plaudit, "poetic"
Brady has three stories to tell but, while doing so, she presumes knowledge to such a degree that we were lost.
It transpires that her main thrust is the appalling treatment of those seeking asylum in Australia and were carted off to a detention centre on Christmas Island (it is nearer to Indonesia).
She tries to be too clever in linking this with the migration of the giant crabs on the island and hints that they have greater protection than the humans.
Oh, and there is a third element - the indigenous people having special ceremonies over the dead.
This documentary could have been focused on the crabs, the locals or the asylum-seekers but tieing all three together didn't work for us.
Instead, we wanted to know much more about the detention centre which is so secretive that those who go public about conditions there could be jailed for two years!
I fear that Brady is too close to her subject matter.
Her friend, Poh Lin Lee, is a therapist who tries to help the asylum-seekers after their time at the centre and has to listen to their harrowing stories (one is jaw-droppingly ghastly).
Sadly, the evidence would be that she is ill-equipped for the job because she is traumatised by their descriptions.
In addition, she finds it impossible to handle the secrecy around the huge camp.
Too much time is focused on Lin and her family doing normal stuff while thousands of crabs keep walking sideways, waves crash around the island and locals chant.
And asylum-seekers die.
Maybe the positioning of the mundane against the horror is the point but I couldn't help thinking that Brady had missed an opportunity.
The scandal of Christmas Island has run so deep that, since the film was made, the Australian government has closed down the detention centre.
Mrs W and I wanted to know so much more about it.
Why was it selected in the first place, how many people had been there, how long have they been incarcerated, on what grounds and where do they go when released?
And on and on and on...
Only after-movie reading revealed the answers. I didn't research the crabs.

Reasons to watch: Interesting themes
Reasons to avoid: Presumes far too much knowledge and is spread too thinly

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 4.5/10

Did you know? Christmas Island's immigration detention centre which thousands of asylum seekers since it opened in 2008, was closed in October.

Final word: Gabrielle Brady - "I think, for me, stylistically, as a director, I’m really fascinated by observation and not having too much intrusion, or feeling of intrusion. But I’m also interested in hybrid filmmaking, performative elements."

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