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372. The Current War; movie review

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Title : 372. The Current War; movie review
link : 372. The Current War; movie review

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Cert 12A
106 mins
BBFC advice: Contains moderate bloody images, execution scenes

If it weren't for Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, I wouldn't be writing this article about a moving picture and you wouldn't be reading it by electric light.
Well, I guess that is presuming that nobody would have picked up their baton of discovery at the end of the 19th century.
The Current War was the first example of the United States' impact on technology.
It led to entrepreneurs creating inventions which literally changed the world in which people lived.
Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's film, Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) is seen as highly driven in pursuit of creating electric light but his business acumen doesn't match his genius and he is portrayed as being socially inept.
Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) doesn't have Edison's ego and sees the future of electricity through Alternating Current as opposed to Edison's conviction for Direct Current.
He is also a businessman of high reputation, including that of treating his staff better than any in the United States.
Workaholic Edison sets out not only to prove his case but to undermined Westinghouse's at every opportunity.
I was interested that Edison is sketched with such a lack of empathy but, apparently, that is accurate - even though he is celebrated as one of America's most famous sons.
Much less is known about Westinghouse because, believing personal legacy was not important, he destroyed much personal information about himself.
Nevertheless, the Current War did happen and also included the likes of Nikola Tesla who is played here by Nicholas Hoult.
It is represented by a movie which looks terrific, with fine detail to period costume and backdrop.
However,  there are so many diversions from history which is known that The Current War becomes as irritating as it is enlightening.

Reasons to watch: Opens a little-known chapter of history
Reasons to avoid: Too many liberties taken with the truth

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6.5/10

Did you know? In 1893, magazines and newspapers reported 25 years earlier, Heinrich Göbel had developed incandescent light bulbs comparable to those invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison but Göbel did not apply for a patent.

Final word. Michael Shannon: "There's something very alluring about playing an industrialist who's not stomping all over everybody just to get what they want, who actually thinks that it's important to consider who's making the products and what is their life like and are they being taken care of."

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