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390. Marriage Story; movie review

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Title : 390. Marriage Story; movie review
link : 390. Marriage Story; movie review

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Cert 15
137 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong language

I eat as if the world is coming to its end in the next three minutes and I leave shoes, coats and jumpers strewn all over the house.
And Mrs W's half-drunk cups of coffee do gnaw at me.
But, thankfully, that is where our comparison to Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) ends.
During the everyfilm challenge, December is spent catching up on potential Oscar winners and any of the top 100 box office movies which I might have missed.
Therefore, when Marriage Story gained a sweep of nominations for Golden Globes (the pre-cursor to the Oscars), seeing it became a must.
Thankfully, after its short run at UK cinemas, it moved to Netflix, so it was nailed straight away.
And so began a double-edged relationship with Noah Baumbach's film.
The opening minutes are made up of a husband and wife's descriptions of each other which would strike chords with any married couple.
But then the chuckling stops because Marriage Story becomes an analysis of what happens when two people decide to divorce.
Initially, it angered Mrs W who despairs of people as self-obsessed as Charlie and Nicole appear to be.
And then it became clear that this is such master class in acting that we were forgetting that it wasn't real.
Indeed, we agreed that this is what separation must be like when a couple sets down the amicable route but find themselves being led by power and money-crazed lawyers.
Johansson and Driver are terrific as the warring husband and wife who are trying to keep a lid on their emotions for the benefit of their young child.
In one stand-out scene, the volcano blows and we felt like voyeurs of a very personal tragedy.
But even better is Laura Dern as the wife's ruthless lawyer, all smart shirts, Dallas hair and acid tongue, Indeed, I have never seen her better.
There are also sharp cameos from Ray Liotta and Alan Alda as briefs who try very different tactics to outwit her.
The more I think about Marriage Story and its qualities the better it becomes but, be warned, it is more of an endurance test than entertainment.
And laughs may well turn to frustration and then tears.

Reasons to watch: The critics really love it
Reasons to avoid: Lots and lots of talking

Laughs: One
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 8/10

Did you know? Adam Driver was a U.S. Marines but didn't get the chance to put the skills he learned in military training to use in combat because was medically discharged after breaking his sternum in a mountain bike crash towards the end of his training at Camp Pendleton in California.

Final word. Noah Baumbach: “Netflix is a movie company run by people who really love movies. We had a month in the United States exclusively in theatres before it went on Netflix and they’ll keep it in theatres for people who want to have that choice." Dazed

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