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394. Abominable; movie review

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Title : 394. Abominable; movie review
link : 394. Abominable; movie review

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Cert U
97 mins
BBFC advice: Contains  mild threat, very mild violence, rude humour

Another day, another children's film about yetis.
Yep, while Abominable comes at it from a slightly different cultural perspective, it's the same old giant snowman routine.
Jill Culton and Todd Wilderman's movie surrounds a young yeti who escapes from captivity across the roofs of Shanghai and is discovered by a teenager (voiced by Chloe Bennet) as she seeks some solace, playing her violin.
She then becomes embroiled in trying to keep him away from the authorities and returning him to his homeland in the Himalayas.
It is quite disarming that a yeti story should be based in China, allowing for an exotically different raft of cultural references.
For example, Yi, the girl at the centre of the story, finds her more modern approach to life clashes with that of her mother (Michelle Wong) and grandmother (Tsai Chin).
This becomes even more pronounced because of the absence of her late father.
It also examines friendship with Yi teaming up with her football fan friend Peng (Albert Tsai) and the popular boy, Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) to help their new furry friend.
But let's not get too earnest - this is mainly a fast-paced animation about a friendly monster with special powers.
Oh, yes, this yeti doesn't just plod around - he is magic!
Indeed, if belief wasn't suspended already, it certainly becomes so when he shows exactly what he can do.
Abominable would have been a bit more fun if I hadn't have seen either Smallfoot or Missing Link. However, I had - so I was beset with an extreme sense of deja vu.

Reasons to watch: Light-hearted animation
Reasons to avoid: Doesn't have enough memorable moments

Laughs: Three
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 5.5/10

Did you know? The key evidence for the existence of the Yeti was the photo of a footprint taken by British explorer Eric Shipton in 1951. 

Final word. Chloe Bennet: "The fact that the story is so universal, but the authenticity of the culture on screen is completely real. That's the space that all projects should take note of, I feel, and lead the way in terms of genuine and authentic representation on screen." Digital Spy

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