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401. The Angry Birds Movie 2; movie review

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Title : 401. The Angry Birds Movie 2; movie review
link : 401. The Angry Birds Movie 2; movie review

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Cert U
95 mins
BBFC advice: Contains very mild bad language, comic slapstick, innuendo, toilet humour

Miss W joined us for a Friday evening so I gave her the choice of which film to watch.
Yep, there was a documentary, an award-winning subtitled drama or The Angry Birds Movie 2.
I couldn't help wonder whether a good education had been wasted on her when she plumped for the latter.
Sadly, even she was disappointed in this addition to the long list of 2019 sequels.
At this point, we ought to remember that Angry Birds was originally a video game franchise focusing on multi-coloured birds which try to save their eggs from green-coloured pigs.
It was a big enough surprise that studios managed to eke one film from such an unpromising premise.
Its sequel stars Jason Sudeikis as the voice of Red, the hero who saved Bird Island and is now focused on making sure there is no further invasion from the neighbouring pigs.
However, he doesn't recognise that there could be a threat from elsewhere - an ice-bound third island from where huge ice boulders are being fired.
Anyway, he is persuaded into leading an expedition to find out who is behind the launches and it transpires that a huge bird (Leslie Jones) is fed up with her frozen surroundings and wants to force the residents of the two nearby islands to evacuate by shooting the aforementioned ice balls from an advanced super-weapon.
The storyline felt convoluted to us - Red spent almost the entire film being petulant and, therefore, there was a confusing message on which character we should hang our hat.
Indeed, our heartiest laughs came from the side plot in which three hatchlings chase three eggs which have drifted out to sea.
Every time they reach them, something crazy happens and they have to come up with another plan.
Angry Birds 2 prompted me to think that we really should try to watch all children's movies at the cinema.
Only then can we truly gauge how successful their jokes and even their characters are.  This was particularly evident at the recent screening of Frozen 2.
We three adults found Thurop Van Orman's film lacking in the freshness of its original but we are not its target audience and its excellent box office stats would suggest it has hit the mark with families.
However, I can only say as I see and I thought it was another 2019 follow-up which lacked zest.

Reasons to watch: Lovers of Angry Birds only
Reasons to avoid: Simply not funny

Laughs: Three
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 5/10

Did you know? By 2015, Angry Birds series video games had been downloaded more than three billion times.

Final word. John Cohen: "We really wanted to create great new characters for the sequel and there are characters that emerged in the development process that we all just fell in love with." Screen Rant

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