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406. Raatchasi; movie review

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Title : 406. Raatchasi; movie review
link : 406. Raatchasi; movie review

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Cert 12A
134 mins
BBFC advice: Contains moderate violence, threat

Well, this is a very pleasant change - an Indian movie about the country's iniquitous education system.
I have seen scores of film pointing the finger at corruption in Indian politics and among its police forces but I can't recall one which acknowledges bad behaviour by teachers.
Actually, the emphasis is on a new headteacher who shows what is possible when concentration is focused on helping children rather than helping oneself.
During Sy. Gowthamraj's film, Jyothika plays the new arrival at a school in a town far away from the big cities.
There she sets about changing both the system and attitudes towards education, outmanoeuvring those whose vested interests are served by keeping people illiterate.
Jyothika's character Geeta Rani is portrayed as something of a superwoman.
Not only can she raise the bar of the children's attainment far higher than it has been but also read the minds of the lazier teachers even before putting them under her microscope.
She is fearless in taking them on as well as those to whom they complain.
Added complications come from the headteacher of a fee-paying school (Hareesh Peradi) who wants to stop Rani because of the potential detrimental effect on his income.
This is Jyothika's movie. From her first appearance to her last she portrays the headteacher with a combination of assurance, fearsome determination and a belief in her pupils.
She also has a couple of hidden elements to her background which render her undeterred by the threat of physical violence.
So many times Indian movies have men as their heroes and often the characters are tarnished.
No so here - Rani is a teacher who wants basic rights for children. She has no ulterior motive much to the amazement of almost everyone around her.
Consequently, this is a splendidly uplifting movie. 
My only fear is that it could not happen quite as easily in reality.

Reasons to watch: Uplifting take on how India could battle corruption
Reasons to avoid: Maybe a tad too idealistic

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 8/10

Did you know? Malaysian education minister Maszlee Malik praised Raatschasi describing inspirational woman teachers as 'superheroines'.

Final word. Jyotika: "Eighty per cent of commercial films are made just for entertainment and end up having the same storyline. It’s important to come up with good cinema even if it makes less money. Even if it influences 15 people in the theatre, it’s still worth the effort.” The Hindu

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