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408. Pain & Glory (Dolor y gloria); movie review

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Title : 408. Pain & Glory (Dolor y gloria); movie review
link : 408. Pain & Glory (Dolor y gloria); movie review

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Cert 15
113 mins
BBFC advice: Contains drug misuse

Pedro Almodóvar continues to be something of a mystery to me.
Almost every year, he releases an acclaimed movie and a friend of mine asks me what I think of it.
I always end up believing that I must be intellectually inferior because I cannot eulogise enthusiastically as he does.
I cannot deny the levels of detail which Almodóvar achieves and how he encourages the best from his actors but his subjects just don't chime.
And his movies have a mañana pace which I find as unsettling and infuriating as I do when being served at snail's pace in his Spanish homeland.
I digress. Pain & Glory stars Antonio Banderas as Salvador Mallo, a film director who is suffered what he fears may be a throat tumour and chronic back pain.
As he looks back on his life he awkwardly renews acquaintance with an actor (Asier Etxeandía) from whom he has been estranged since artistic differences over a film three decades previously.
The latter introduces him to heroin and while immersed in its effects he wanders back to his nine-year-old self (Asier Flores), growing up in poverty with his mother (Penélope Cruz) whom he perpetually disappoints.
Let's be clear - while I have reservations about the quality of the film overall, I have no such reservations about the performances of the cast.
Banderas is particularly good - beautifully portraying a man who believes he has made many bad decisions in life and yet can't help making more.
It's just that Pain & Glory's storyline doesn't add up to a hill of beans.
Almodóvar says it is not autobiographical but it is clear that there are parallels with some of Mallo's story.
It is one of lost love and separation and the need to continuously make films to deflect heartache.
Movies are Mallo's salvation - it would appear they are also Almodóvar's. For that, I admire him although I can't say that I am as big a fan of his films as many seem to be.

Reasons to watch: Banderas at his best
Reasons to avoid: It meanders too much

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Did you know? Pedro Almodóvar often casts certain actors in many of his films. Actors who have performed in his films six or more times in either lead, supporting or cameo roles include Chus Lampreave (8), Antonio Banderas (8), Carmen Maura (7) Cecilia Roth (7), Rossy de Palma (7), Penelope Cruz (6), Julieta Serrano (6).

The final word. Pedro Almodóvar: "I’ve now reached the point where film is the only thing that makes me feel whole. Cinema is the only thing I have. It’s finished up being both the end and the means for me.” The Guardian

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