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429. Breaking Habits; movie review

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Title : 429. Breaking Habits; movie review
link : 429. Breaking Habits; movie review

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Cert 15
88 mins
BBFC advice: Contains drugs theme, strong language

In a year of startling unoriginality, there was one movie which was like no other.
Robert Ryan's Breaking Habits follows a woman called Kate who gave up her high-flying corporate job when she found out that her husband was a bigamist and stealing from her.
And that is just the start.
Secondly, Sister Kate is not a real nun at all but runs a business called Sisters of the Valley, growing marijuana for those with medical needs such as cancer treatment.
When Mrs W and I were in America's West last year, we were surprised by the liberal laws surrounding cannabis in some states and counties.
However, while Sister Kate and her followers are working in California where cannabis is largely legal, it appears not to be in their county.
Indeed, they run their farm in one of the most dangerous towns in America and both the local sheriff and bishop hope for their undoing.
Oh, and did I mention them having to carry automatic weapons to protect themselves from drug lords?
How have they managed to survive? The assistance of a native elder and armed Mexican cartels has helped.
The story of Breaking Habits is so bizarre it would have been deemed too far-fetched for any dramatisation.
The only way of telling it is through Sister Kate's eyes - and Ryan does that expertly.

Reasons to watch: A stranger than fiction true story
Reasons to avoid: Could have done with clearer narration

Laughs: Gasps rather than laughs
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Did you know? The Sisters of the Valley say they make all their products "in a spiritual environment, with prayers for the people sown into every bottle and jar."

The final word. Robert Ryan: "The general state of California, their general attitude towards cannabis is very liberal, yet there are pockets, little red pockets, where they’re almost anti-cannabis, so it was very conflicting. That was what I found." Flicks

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