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434. Kabir Singh; movie review

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Title : 434. Kabir Singh; movie review
link : 434. Kabir Singh; movie review

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Cert 15
173 mins
BBFC advice: Strong language, drugs misuse

People often ask me if I ever give up on a movie and my answer is always a resounding no.
Well, here's the exception. I stuck out Sandeep Vanga's Kabir Singh for two monotonous hours and then could take no more.
The title character, played by Shahid Kapoor is the most annoying of any I have witnessed among 434 movies this year.
He is meant to be a surgeon and yet his anger is sparked by the slightest incident and becomes magnified around his college girlfriend (Kiara Advani). So much for a cool head needed by a medic.
Indeed, he insults so many people, including family and friends that the world is turned against him - unjustly in his eyes.
Frankly, I was perplexed as to why he wasn't put in s straitjacket within the first 20 minutes and banned from ever having a knife in his hand.
Anyway, I was faced with a final hour of this tripe or go to a New Year's Eve party.
The choice was obvious.

Reasons to watch: Intense performances
Reasons to avoid: Irritating central character

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: Can't give one because I didn't see it out

Did you know? The film is a remake of 2017 Telugu blockbuster, Arjun Reddy, which starred Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role.

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