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14. Lullaby (Chanson Douce); movie review

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Title : 14. Lullaby (Chanson Douce); movie review
link : 14. Lullaby (Chanson Douce); movie review

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Cert 15
99 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong threat, bloody images, sexual image

I don't know of a single parent who hasn't been at the end of their tether when their children were small.
Frankly, some of the time it feels as if the world is caving in because there is nothing more frustrating than trying to reason with offspring who haven't yet developed the facility to understand.
Nowadays, either mother or father may take up to a year off work to nurture their children following birth.
I went back after two weeks' holiday and Mrs W returned to work after just four months.
It worked for us because we had a brilliant childminder and are still in touch with her, almost 25 years after she last cared for Master W and Miss W.
I digress hugely.
Myriam (Leïla Bekhti) is a fed-up young lawyer who feels the need for the stimulation of returning to work.
Fortunately, she and her husband, Paul (Antoine Reinartz), believe they have found the perfect childminder when Louise (Karin Viard) appears at the end of a clutch of hopeless interviews.
On the face of it, she has experience with other families and takes to their small daughter (Assya Da Silva) and baby straightaway.
However, the audience soon discovers that something is unsettling about Louise.
Initially, there are just odd incidences of weird behaviour but after a while, her temperament becomes more and more erratic.
Lullaby is adapted from Leïla Slimani's novel Chanson Douce which sold 600,000 copies in its first year of publication, making her the most-read author in France in 2016.
Inevitably, the book is able to build tension more effectively than Lucie Borleteau's movie which tends to tease the viewer more than scare them.
Indeed, every time I thought Louise posed a danger, I was re-assured that all was well by a kindly act.
However, there are particularly eerie and original moments (the potty scene will live long with me) which give it an edge over similar films and its conclusion is a real shocker.
Congratulation, then, to Viard - because I reckon Louise will be one of the creepier characters in cinema this year.
Consequently, Lullaby is a thriller which is worthwhile seeing.

Reasons to watch: The movie adaptation of a hit novel
Reasons to avoid: It needs to build tension more quickly

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? In France, more than a third of children aged under three are cared for by registered childminders, closely supervised by PMI - the national and local maternal and child health services who are the major providers of non-parental childcare provision for this age group. 

The final word. Author, Leïla Slimani: "Sometimes you feel very bored with your children. Sometimes you feel lonely with your children. And I think that women feel guilty when they have these kinds of feelings. I wanted to explore the fact that you can’t talk about those feelings because you have the impression that you are not a good mother if you feel this way." The Cut

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