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48. Panga; movie review

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Title : 48. Panga; movie review
link : 48. Panga; movie review

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Cert U
131 mins
BBFC advice: Contains very mild bad language

When I first saw clips of kabaddi I thought there wasn't much more to it than tig which we played at school break times.
Tig was pretty simple - we ran after schoolmates, touched them and shouted: "You're on".
On reflection, kabaddi is a tad more complex - is played in 40 countries and was once an Olympic demonstration sport.
And in India it is big. There is a Pro Kabaddi league whose inaugural season in 2014, was watched by at least 435 million viewers.
Yes, it is probably a bit more serious than tig.
And that is why there is a buzz around Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari's family movie Panga.
It stars Kangana Ranaut as Jaya - a 32-year-old mum who gave up her career as a world-class kabaddi player after she became pregnant.
She is devoted to her young son (Yagya Bhasin) and husband (Jassi Gill) but is unfulfilled in her job on a railway ticket desk.
Her passion for kabaddi appears to have subsided but it is so much in her blood that she literally kicks out at her husband in her sleep instead of at opponents on the court.
Panga is a family drama in the old traditions, hence its U certificate. There is no bad language nor very ugly behaviour.
But it does throw up a question which still exists over whether women should have to give up personal ambition for the sake of their children.
In Jaya's case, only the support of her spouse and child gives her the opportunity of fulfilling her sporting dream and even then there are many hurdles en route.
Panga could easily be dismissed as a frippery - it has a finale which could have been predicted an hour before its ending and its subject and style are certainly not taxing.
But I liked it because it allows its audience to cheer Jaya on towards her goal and, at the same time, be on the side of her kin.
Ranaut gives the lead role the requisite physical intensity as well as allowing her softer side to come to the fore.
And I particularly liked the selfless father-son combo of Bhasin and Gill.
But what I will remember most is how kabaddi is played. It requires much more skill than tig!

Reasons to watch: Enjobale family drama
Reasons to avoid: Doesn't tax the mind

Laughs: Two
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7.5/10

Did you know? There are 40 countries who have national kabaddi teams. USA, England, Bangladesh, Australia, Argentina and Japan were among participants in the world championship.

The final word: Jassie Gill: "When I heard the story, I realised that my mother was also doing the routine work day in and out, without complaining. We never asked her what she wants to do, never asked what her dreams were. This is the story of almost every household." Press Trust Of India

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