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49. Bad Boys For Life; movie review

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Title : 49. Bad Boys For Life; movie review
link : 49. Bad Boys For Life; movie review

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Cert 15
124 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong bloody violence, language, crude humour

Will Smith can do a lot better than this.
I look back to his Oscar-nominated performances in Ali and The Pursuit Of Happyness and wonder why he would feel as if he had to take a lowest-common-denominator role such as this one in Bad Boys For Life.
But he won't care what I think - the third Bad Boys instalment has already made a fortune and a fourth is on its way.
Smith sleepwalks his way through a cliched role as a long-serving cop who cares as little for protocol as he does the criminals he is hunting.
And yet, he is seen as a great guy by his fellow officers and a brother by his partner (Martin Lawrence).
I was about to write that I found Lawrence way too nice for his role and then I looked up his past.
The man with the lopsided smile has had a litany of real-life trouble with the cops, including incidents of violence!
No matter, he still looks out of place playing a tough guy.
Indeed, much of the comedy surrounds him trying to see into the soul of the bad guys and receiving the inevitable comeuppance.
His character, Marcus, is trying to talk Smith's Mike into retirement when the latter becomes the target of the son (Jacob Scipio) of a Mexican crimelord.
The old fellas are told to defer to a new high-tech law enforcement team (including Paola Nuñez and Vanessa Hudgens) but, inevitably, have to stick their oars well and truly in.
Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah's film is straight out of the Fast & Furious handbook - for goodness sake, even a trip to see Marcus's new-born grandchild demands an epic car chase.
That is just the beginning of what at times seems to be a tie-on to Smith's previous movie Gemini Man.
It is brash and frankly, boring. Indeed, rather than blowing me out of my very comfortable recliner seat at Derby Odeon, I found myself dropping off.
It comes to something when I have to admit that I would have preferred Vin Diesel and Jason Statham.

Reasons to watch: If you want to take your brain out before a movie
Reasons to avoid: seen its like so many times before

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 3/10

Did you know? No movie ever released during the month of January has made $100 million that same month - until Bad Boys For Life.

The final word. Adil El Arbi: The movie is like an homage to Bad Boys, the action movies from the ’90s, Tony Scott and Michael Bay movies, Jerry Bruckheimer movies, Lethal Weapon, all these cop movies of the ’90s and the end of the ’80s." Slash Film

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