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5,000 movies of everyfilm - the top 20

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Title : 5,000 movies of everyfilm - the top 20
link : 5,000 movies of everyfilm - the top 20

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In January 2011, I decided I wanted to try to watch every movie released in the UK in a calendar year. It seemed like a wheeze and I had no concept of how difficult it would be. Nevertheless, nine years later I am still trying and today I posted on my website, everyfilm.co.uk, my 5,000th review.
Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanoğlu is what everyfilm is all about - a post-work 120-mile drive to Wood Green in North London on a Friday evening with Mrs W, literally walking into the screen as the movie began and staying at a Travelodge so we can take in more pictures the following day.
It isn't all hard work - there is a splendid Turkish restaurant opposite the Wood Green mall where we celebrated with a lovely meal and glass of Turkish Shiraz afterwards.
The bakery which served us breakfast was even better.
Anyway, thanks to the very many of you who have given me encouragement (or just called me bonkers) over the years and special thanks to Andrena White who now just sees movie-going as part of life.

Anyway, less of my waffle - of the 5,000 films, here are my top 20.

1. Lion
2. Spotlight
3. Twelve Years A Slave
4. Django Unchained
5. Skyfall
6. Bridge Of Spies
7. The Fighter
8. Tangled
9. Wolf Of Wall Street
10. Captain Phillips

11. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
12. A Monster Calls
13. Trance
14. Searching For Sugar Man

15. The Post
16. Headhunters
17 Next Goal Wins
18. Hacksaw Ridge
19. Sully
20 The Hunt

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