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51. Daniel Sloss - X; movie review

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Title : 51. Daniel Sloss - X; movie review
link : 51. Daniel Sloss - X; movie review

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Cert 15
84 mins
BBFC advice: Contains very strong language, references to sexual violence and child sexual abuse

Good grief... a comedian who makes jokes around child sex abuse and then spends 15 minutes telling his audience about the shocking rape of one friend by another.
Daniel Sloss has received much praise in owning up publicly to his own feelings of guilt surrounding the latter heinous and so far unpunished crime.
Indeed, it would be laudable on any platform other than one which was purporting to be a comedy show.
Sloss is a shock comic - delving into areas which even the bluest funster would have not dared tread.
His audience, who are predominantly young, clearly identify with him to the point of splitting their sides at every 'gag'.
Mrs W and I are probably too old to appreciate him, so his foul-mouthed tirades in his X show, recorded in Sydney, left us cold and rather bored.
It also left us wondering what type of society have we developed so even a hint of child abuse could be deemed as mainstream funny.
Sloss, who is Scottish, has appeared on TV across America and has shows on Netflix.
His popularity appears to be up there with fellow Scot Billy Connolly who also liked to swear but was hilarious to all age groups
One of Sloss's points of difference is that he has a 15-minute slot at the end of his stand-up routine in which he alights upon a serious subject.
This was introduced fairly lightly and then transpired to be about the fall-out of the rape of a close friend on a night out by a mate of his.
One female poster on social media stated: "It’s a stand-up, it’s hilarious, but he also goes into rape culture and says some very very important sh*t everyone should hear. Go watch it."
I just don't understand the mixed platform. Sure, there are plenty of people whom I would be prepared to hear speak on serious subjects but I go to comedy clubs as a diversion from the world's miseries and to have my funny bone tickled.
Daniel Sloss did the exact opposite - his X show made me sad and elicited only one laugh when he strayed briefly to material which was amusing.

Reasons to watch: If you are into shock comics
Reasons to avoid: Not very funny in our eyes

Laughs: One
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 3/10 (his analysis of rape was laudable if unfunny)

Did you know? When Sloss was sixteen, his mother met Frankie Boyle and mentioned her son. Boyle offered Sloss work experience by writing a small amount of material for him in two series of BBC's Mock The Week. This was his first break and he credits Boyle for his initial success.

The final word. Daniel Sloss: " I’m not anti-masculinity. I enjoy being a man, and I go through struggles that men go through and many women don’t. I don’t get to speak on behalf of women’s struggles, but I do know what it’s like to be a man, and I know how I learn things." Uproxx

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