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73. Pattas; movie review

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Title : 73. Pattas; movie review
link : 73. Pattas; movie review

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Cert 12A
138 mins
BBFC advice: Contains moderate violence, bloody images, infrequent strong language

Who knew? There is an ancient martial art called Adimurai which is much practised and revered by Tamils.
It is also the focus of R. S. Durai Senthilkumar's Pattas which stars Dhanush - one of the biggest draws in south Indian cinema.
Pattas was the first Indian film I have managed to watch on our Gran Canaria holidays - thanks to it being available in double-quick time through Amazon Prime.
The battle for digital rights for Indian movies is hotting up and that can only be of benefit to devotees such as myself.
I digress.
Pattas is typical of too many Indian movies which plod through the first half and only get going after the intermission.
Dhanush is first introduced as a young thief who cares little for his victims.
However, things change when he tries to steal a bag from a woman (Sneha) who has just been released from a 16-year jail term for killing a man who she believed had murdered her young son.
The woman, much to the thief's surprise, fends him off with a series of martial arts moves and then, even more shockingly, he feels some connection to her.
Meanwhile, she sets out on a mission to kill the owner of a martial arts academy (Naveen Chandra) for reasons which don't become clear until later.
The first half is a tad confusing because of how the story is introduced. Only when the second half goes into flashback does all become clear.
The problem is that as the excitement unfurls after intermission, I was struggling to remember the relevant key moments from the first.
Wouldn't it just be less taxing on audiences if film-makers told stories chronologically instead of trying to be clever?
Anyway, the hatred of Sneha's character for Chandra's is explained and the movie becomes much more focused on Tamil traditions and the honour of the former's family and the evil of the latter.
I was pleased to be enlightened and enjoyed Dahnush's second-half performance so, on the whole,
Pattas is worth watching. However, is a shame it took so long to resonate.

Reasons to watch: Fans will admire the Dhanush swagger
Reasons to avoid: Takes far too long to set up the best bit

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Did you know? Adimurai was initially introduced by the Siddhars as a lethal effective combat science with the purpose of defending and protecting themselves from the thieves and enemies. The sport is also closely related to another martial art Silambam. The origin of Adimurai can be traced back to 2nd century BC.

The final word. Durai Senthil Kumar: "I had prepared a kickboxing based action entertainer for Dhanush sir but later realised that it's a western sport so researched a lot to know about our ancient martial arts, Pattas will talk about once such ancient Tamil martial art." India Today

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