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25. Outside The Wire; movie review

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Title : 25. Outside The Wire; movie review
link : 25. Outside The Wire; movie review

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Cert 15
115 mins
BBFC advice: Contains injury detail, language, violence

The makers of Outside the Wire have heard of Terminator, haven't they?
They do know that we have seen what happens when artificial intelligence is too smart for its own good on a battlefield?
It's just that Mikael Håfström's movie is presented as if that particular wheel has been reinvented - consequently, there are giant slabs of deja vu.
The only storyline strand which is original surrounds a drone pilot who is shown the devastation his decisions can wreak first hand.
The aforementioned pilot, played by Damson Idris, is a 19-year-old who goes against orders to unleash a missile during a battlefield situation.
His belief is that his action saves 38 lives at the cost of two American marines but his senior officers do not see it that way.
But, instead of being court-martialled, he is sent to the frontline - the hostile borderland between Russia and Ukraine.
Amid the chaos on the ground is the fear that a local warlord is on the cusp of access to one of the nuclear missile sites of the former Soviet Union.
Anyway, the young drone pilot finds himself under the instruction of an ultra arrogant captain (Anthony Mackie) who is going in search of the aforementioned warlord.
The captain has a very old-fashioned way of training - namely, humiliation and err... more humiliation.
He belittles the rookie constantly as he swaggers around his office - and then comes the big reveal - he is the latest line in high-end artificial intelligence.
Outside The Wire has decent special effects but its script is hackneyed with the exception of the pathos over the cowardly use of drone strikes.
It is surprisingly clunky and quickly forgettable.

Reasons to watch: Pathos over drone strikes
Reasons to avoid: Heavy on the macho

Laughs; None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 4.5/10

Did you know? 
According to a congressional report of November 2020, research into artificial intelligence is under way in the fields of intelligence collection and analysis, logistics, cyber operations, information operations, command and control, and in a variety of semiautonomous and autonomous vehicles. Already, AI has been incorporated into military operations in Iraq and Syria.

The final word. Anthony Mackie: “One of the conversations we had with the director, Mikael Håfström, was that we grew up loving the action movies of that time, those fast-paced movies where once you get on a train, you’re on until the movie ends. It definitely feels like a 90s action film. Ever since the start of my career, I’ve always wanted to be Wesley Snipes. I felt like this is the perfect Wesley Snipes movie.” Forbes

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