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30. Tribhanga; movie review

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Title : 30. Tribhanga; movie review
link : 30. Tribhanga; movie review

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Cert 15
96 mins
BBFC advice: Contains sexual violence, suicide, language, self-harm, sexual threat

I have never seen an Indian film with as many expletives as in Tribhanga.
In fact, nearly all of them came from the potty-mouth of Kajol - it is a far cry from the prim young lass in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.
Anyway, she plays Anu, a famous actress who is called away from a theatre stage to the hospital bedside of her estranged mother (Tanvi Azmi).
While her mum lays in a coma, the family and her autobiographer gather and gradually stories emerge to explain what has caused an irreconcilable rift.
Apparently, Tribhanga was originally scheduled to be a small Marathi film but later turned into a Hindi Netflix when Kajol and producer Siddharth P Malhotra were brought on board.
However, it isn't standard Bollywood fare, despite Kajol's husband Ajay Devgn being among the producers.
Indeed, it is edgier than most Indian films and quite a bit shorter.
Initially, it seems as if the central character, Anu, has been spoiled, explaining why she flounces around angrily, expecting special treatment wherever she goes.
Her actions seem particularly out of place in a hospital where her mother lies unconscious after collapsing in front of her autobiography's ghostwriter (Kunaal Roy Kapur).
Gradually, however, the reasons for her estrangement begin to emerge and provide plenty of shocks.
Tribhanga is similar to a theatre piece dialogue rather than action to the fore and its small cast only straying from the hospital in flashbacks.
Also on the plus side are the performances of Kajol and Azmi who range from explosive to sanguine.
But our problem with Renuka Shahane's film is that we didn't empathise with its aggressive characters and it didn't have enough meat in its narrative to maintain our attention.

Reasons to watch: Kajol's commanding performance
Reasons to avoid: Not enough action

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Did you know? Kajol comes from a family of filmmakers, actors, producers and singers. She is the daughter of filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee and veteran actor Tanuja. She is a granddaughter of yesteryear actor-director-producer Shobhna Samarth and great-granddaughter of the 30s actor and singer Rattan Bai.

The final word. Renuka Shahane: "The mother is a human being who has every right to not be the mother that you put on a pedestal. You are doing so because you want them to do everything for you. You are giving them a certificate to be there 24 hours. I want us to see our mothers as human beings." Scroll.in

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