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4. Ham on Rye; movie review

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Title : 4. Ham on Rye; movie review
link : 4. Ham on Rye; movie review

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Cert TBA
85 mins
BBFC advice: TBA

We used to call it Plan B part C. We sat at the side of the school disco in the vague hope that a girl would sidle up to us and ask for a dance.
They never ever did.
Thus, the seven-minute scene in Ham On Rye in which male teenagers nervously entered a circle of boys and girls wanting to pair up took me back 40 years.
This was a potentially even more crushing experience because the boys point to a girl and she either gives him the thumb up or down.
If there is no approval, he moves on to his next favourite for her response, knowing it is possible he may be rejected by every girl and have to walk away in shame.
The scene made me shiver at the memory of how useless I was with the opposite sex as a schoolboy.
But Tyler Taormina's film surprised me because it suggests that pretty girls are not nearly as confident as I thought they were.
For example, Hayley (Hayley Bodell), who walks out of the meat market because the first boys don't pick her.
Hayley appears on screen more than any others in a movie which flits around a heck of a lot.
In the opening scenes, she is dressing up to the nines with her pals (Audrey Boos and Gabriella Herrera) and they then go on a long walk to the scene of the aforementioned disco, Mr Monty's cafe.
Later, she is seen in her stilted home environment and then trying to contact her pals who don't respond.
In between, it appears that Taormina has come up with a bunch of disconnected concepts and just recorded them.
With perfunctory dialogue we see, among others, some older long-haired teenagers struggling for something to alleviate their boredom and a scene in a public park of children playing.
The camera lingers too long over abstract scenes and, frankly, I lost interest.
It's a shame because the Mr Monty episode had me hooked, albeit temporarily.

Reasons to watch: Memories of school disco
Reasons to avoid: far too abstract for most people.

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 4/10

Did you know? 
Some 11 per cent of future partners meet at school, according to 2017 data from Stanford University on How Couples Meet and Stay Together.

The final word. Tyler Taormina: "Capitalism and domination culture embed almost everything with the need to win. We’re constantly forced to compete and that’s so antithetical to communion. That’s what the Monty’s ritual is supposed to be, right? A process of coming together. When we think about rituals and ceremonies, we think of them as opportunities to join one another and competition can really undercut that." Split Tooth Media

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