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46. Assassins; movie review

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Title : 46. Assassins; movie review
link : 46. Assassins; movie review

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Cert 12
104 mins
BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language

It would be the greatest thriller script of any movie ever made. Except it is fact, not fiction.
The murder of Kim Jong-nam has cunning, betrayal, political intrigue and two attractive young women sharing top billing.
It is told expertly by director Ryan White who will now have to look over his shoulder in the hope that he doesn't become the victim of its epilogue.
The 'Assassins ' are Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong who killed the brother of the North Korean dictator by wiping deadly VX poison across his face in an airport terminal.
They appear banged to rights when arrested by the Malaysian Police after being seen on CCTV applying the poison which killed Kim.
But that is just the beginning of a remarkable story of how they were groomed by men who are believed to be North Koreans - possibly enlisted on the orders of its leader Kim Jong-un.
White and his team gained access to the legal representatives of both women and investigative journalists who reveal how they were duped into the killing.
But this wasn't just any old brain-washing - their puppeteers went into astonishing detail to persuade Siti and Doan that they were stars of You've Been Framed-style YouTube shows.
And yet despite overwhelming evidence that they were innocent, the Malaysian police and judiciary were still convinced of their guilt.
Thus, they ploughed on with prosecution in the knowledge that if the women were found guilty they faced the death penalty.
While there is nothing funny about murder or two women being framed, White achieves dark comedy from Assassins in the way he pours incredulity on incredulity.
Every time the story adds a nuance it seems even more far-fetched.
And then we realise the villain of the piece is a dictator with a crazy haircut and a penchant for bumping off his henchman like Mike Myers' Doctor Evil.
I shall add no more because I am in danger of diluting Assassins' shock value.
However, one question wasn't addressed. How did the North Koreans know that King Jong-nam would be in Kuala Lumpur's airport at precisely the time he was, so far in advance?
Perhaps there was even greater skulduggery than White's film suggests?

Reasons to watch: Astonishing true story
Reasons: avoid: Distressing scenes

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 9/10

Did you know? 
When his father died in 2011, Kim Jong-un made sure mourning was mandatory. He ordered those who were caught not going to remembrance events to be sent to labour camps for up to six months. The third Kim to hold power in North Korea, he reportedly had plastic surgery at age 27 to look more like his grandfather, who founded the republic.

The final word.  Ryan White: "I knew that I was moving into a world that was perhaps unsafe, whether that’s our physical safety as a film crew — obviously, this was about an assassination that happened to someone in a public place, in an airport — or to our cybersecurity. We took massive precautions while making this film. Things I’d never done. We had meetings with the FBI. In fact, some of the same FBI agents that handled the Sony hack advised us on this film." Nonfics

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