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47. June & Kopi; movie review

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Title : 47. June & Kopi; movie review
link : 47. June & Kopi; movie review

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Cert PG
91 mins
BBFC advice: Contains injury detail, threat, violence

Those of us of a certain age will remember Lassie, Skippy and Flipper as three heroes of the animal kingdom.
They were all stars of TV and movies in which they would put the lives of humans in front of their own.
The western world has long grown out of such wholesome family entertainment - partially because of changes in fashion and partially because the plots were ridiculous.
Indonesia is 50 or even 60 years behind in this regard and has never had a film about hero dogs - until now.
This is the country's first-ever movie with a hero canine and you can tell - it is just about as hackneyed as those old Lassie, Skippy and Flipper pictures.
Noviandra Santosa's movie stars Acha Septriasa as Aya who can't say no when a stray dog gives her puppy eyes as she walks down the street.
Now let me point out that in Indonesia, the culture renders most people to be afraid of the rest of humanity's best friend.
Nevertheless, Aya takes the stray home and persuades her stiff-shirt but obviously rich husband (Ryan Delon) that they should keep her.
Yep, this is despite the mutt, who Aya calls June, hating children and ripping up one of the rooms of their huge house.
She even manages to persuade him that this will be the ideal pet when they have a small baby.
It isn't hard to see where this is going. The badly behaved pooch is suddenly beset with superhero qualities which are keyed into saving the life of the infant whenever they are required.
Which is often.
Indeed, her radar can even pick up trouble hundreds of miles away.
And that is an example of just how daft June & Kopi is.
I could go on about the (possibly deliberately) stilted acting of Delon or how ridiculous it is that Septriasa looks like a walking hair conditioner advert even when she is supposed to have been through labour.
But these are just examples in a movie which might have grabbed audiences if it had been presented in the cinema in 1960.
I am afraid it is way out of its time in 2021.

Reasons to watch: If you need a very-old fashioned animal movie
Reasons to avoid: Far far too twee

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None 
Overall rating: 3/10

Did you know? Sadly, Indonesia is known for its trade in dog meat. Indeed, t
here are more than 200 'live' meat markets in the south Asian country where dogs and cats are traded for food.

The final word. Ryan Delon: “I am very excited for the first time there is an (Indonesian) film about dogs." VOI

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