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9. Tony Parker - The Final Shot; movie review

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Title : 9. Tony Parker - The Final Shot; movie review
link : 9. Tony Parker - The Final Shot; movie review

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Cert PG
98 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong language, threat

For a few weeks during the early phase of lockdown, I became addicted to the history of American basketball.
Actually, that's an exaggeration - my focus was limited to the career of Michael Jordan and his teammates at the Chicago Bulls.
They were the stars of the Netflix series The Last Dance which put their triumphs, tribulations and tantrums under the microscope.
It was clear to me that Jordan, while not without flaws, was an extraordinary sportsman and rich beyond comprehension.
One of those who filled his void in the NBA was Tony Parker, a Frenchman who was only the 28th pick on the 2001 draft.
Florent Bodin's movie, Tony Parker - The Final Shot - chronicles the life of the player who influenced three Championships for his club, San Antonio, but didn't forget his roots, leading his country to glory too.
It includes current interviews with its subject, his parents, his wife, former teammates and his pals.
His dad was American and played in European leagues for 15 years so basketball was in the family from an early age.
There is some great footage of Parker playing at ten and runnings rings around older opponents.
His speed and determination have been the key to his success but despite his riches, he has apparently remained a nice guy.
This is even confirmed by his opponents such as Kobi Bryant (the film was made before his death last year).
However, one of our takeaways has to be his very obvious wealth. To say his house in San Antonio is lavish would be a colossal understatement. 
But this is very much a tribute at the end of a hallmark player's career. 
There is not a hint of dissent from his being a model athlete, son, husband, father and friend (ex-wife Eva Longoria is conspicuous by her absence as is any mention of the infamous incident with Drake and Chris Brown).
Indeed, I thought football legend Thierry Henry was going to burst into tears when talking about him.
He may well be all of the above but the point was repeated too often and the constant eulogies dampened the impact of the documentary.
Nevertheless, we enjoyed it.

Reasons to watch: Thorough tribute
Reasons to avoid: Repetitive eulogies

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? Tony Parker departed from San Antonio Spurs in October 2018. For his last NBA season, he joined Charlotte Hornets and their President, Michael Jordan, his idol.

The final word. Florent Bodin on the differences between last year’s TMC doc this one:  “The first film was really a documentary to present the life of Tony Parker. And the other is aimed at a more international audience. The films are not very alike. The challenge here was to talk about this story known in France to the whole world. ” SoMag

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