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62. Black Beach; movie review

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Title : 62. Black Beach; movie review
link : 62. Black Beach; movie review

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Cert 15
116 mins
BBFC advice: Contains injury detail, sex references, language, abduction theme, violence

A kidnapping in Africa wrapped up in politics and the oil industry? Topical and potentially intriguing.
Throw in some pretty people, decent chase scenes and shocking brutality and you have Esteban Crespo's Black Beach.
Yep, it's another evening of lockdown in the company of Netflix. I will have to reassess how everyfilm will work after the restrictions are lifted but, for now, I am ploughing on with what we have.
Here, Raúl Arévalo plays the central figure, Carlos, a high-level businessman who is flown to an unnamed African country to try to negotiate the release of an abducted oil engineer.
There he must navigate between the rebels who are believed to hold the engineer and the Government which outwardly wants to secure his release but has its own private agenda.
I warmed to Arévalo. Initially, he plays Carlos as being straightforwardly in business to earn pots of money for himself and his heavily pregnant wife (Melina Matthews).
He follows this up with a ruthless determination when he reaches Africa - and his uncompromising stance seems as if it could bear fruit.
However, it soon becomes clear that he has a very personal history which will make things much more complicated and potentially endanger those who mean most to him.
Candela Peña plays his most important contact who can lead him to rebels.
However, treachery from the Government, the military and hurdles thrown up by his past stand in the way of a peaceful resolution.
In addition, there may be a role to play for his much-lauded mother (Paulina García) who is high-up at the United Nations.
Black Beach is so complex that I wonder whether those with small attention spans might give up on it and move to another Netflix offering.
This might have been prevented had it been clearer in its narrative.
And another thing - Crespo's film avoids mention of the country in which it is set and yet Black Beach is a real prison in Equatorial New Guinea which is Spanish speaking.
It didn't take much to work out.
Nevertheless, I found that the film was worth perseverance and the last half-hour are pretty exciting/

Reasons to watch: Multi-threaded thriller
Reasons to avoid: Quite difficult to follow at times

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? 
Black Beach, located on the island of Bioko, in the capital city of Malabo in Equatorial Guinea, is one of Africa's most notorious prisons. The prison was built in the 1940s during the time of the Spanish colonial rule. At first, common criminals were imprisoned there but, after the independence of the country in 1968 and the establishment of the dictatorship of Francisco Macías Nguema, many political opponents were imprisoned and killed in prison. 

The final word. Esteban Crespo: "For a time I lived in Africa, in Equatorial Guinea and also in Namibia. I am in love with those lands. I ask myself what happened to the friends I had there many years ago and you see that some have gone through prisons, others have died and you see that it is a very different reality from yours. It is a reflection of how we get involved in the face of injustices that are occurring." Actuaragon

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