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63. Slalom; movie review

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Title : 63. Slalom; movie review
link : 63. Slalom; movie review

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Cert 18
92 mins
BBFC advice: Contains sexual violence, child sexual abuse theme

If they weren't TV celebrities or priests, they were sports coaches.
Sadly, wherever young people trusted adults, it appears that sexual abuse was discovered.
Presumably, there were many different scenarios in which predators preyed on the innocent and Charlène Favier's Slalom puts forward just one.
Here, Noée Abita plays Lyz, a 15-year-old with huge potential to be a great French skiing star.
She is effectively abandoned by her self-consumed single mother (Muriel Combeau) who leaves her to be own devices at the national ski camp.
Nevertheless, despite no parental encouragement, Lyz is a natural on the slopes under the tutelage of an intense former champion, Fred, (Jérémie Renier).
We raised eyebrows during the first half-hour of Slalom because of Fred's literal take on being a hands-on coach.
Yes, he touches his athletes when showing them training exercises but it initially appears that he has no sexual motivation.
However, because he provides the adult attention she craves, Lyz becomes progressively more besotted with him and he seizes the opportunity to strike.
We know Slalom is fiction and were, therefore left wondering whether it really is so easy for young sporting talent to be groomed.
We were surprised that there does not appear to be any protocol around the time Lyz and Fred spend together or on physical boundaries.
Slalom could not have worked without convincing performances by both Abita and Renier. We didn't doubt them for a second.
But, while the film is engaging overall, we were disturbed that it wandered into the land of titillation.
We thought that neither nudity nor a graphic sex scene was necessary and the latter went on for a surprising length of time.

Reasons to watch: Important subject
Reasons to avoid: Unnecessarily drawn-out sex scenes

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? The European Parliament resolution of 2002 on women and sport Member States and sports federations to adopt measures for the prevention and elimination of sexual harassment and abuse in sport by enforcing the legislation on sexual harassment at work, to inform athletes and their parents of the risks of abuse and the means of legal action available to them, to provide sports organisations staff with specific training and to ensure that criminal and disciplinary provisions are applied."

The final word. Charlène Favier: "I did a lot of high-performance sport and I was subjected to certain forms of violence and certain kinds of grips in my teenage years, so I really needed to talk about that. There even was something kind of therapeutic about writing the film." Cineuropa

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