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65. A Glitch In The Matrix; movie review

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Title : 65. A Glitch In The Matrix; movie review
link : 65. A Glitch In The Matrix; movie review

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Cert 15
108 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong language, gory images, references to murder

Ever wondered what causes deja vu or those dreams where the sense of place is repeated or familiar?
Or ever thought that people around you are part of a game, similar to the Truman Show?
A cross-between far-fetched and narcissism? Well, there are serious academics who think that we really could all be part of a giant computer-like simulation.
Although that rather poses the question of what was going on with the people before computers existed, doesn't it?
I digress.
The mind-boggling concept of our world not being real is tackled by director Rodney Ascher who uses a 40-year-old speech from sci-fi author Philip K. Dick as the foundation for the wider conspiracy theory.
He also turns to many other accredited men and women of science to prove his point.
For a while, I was reeled in with my mind working overtime, thinking that the current Covid pandemic could be some sort of grotesque experiment by a higher being.
But then they started banging on about The Matrix providing key evidence and I was brought back into reality.
The nutty conspiracy theorists not only give a movie way more credence than it deserves but they also throw in the part that video games might play in this world within a world.
Unfortunately, there is not even supposition over who is running the game which stretches over a planet and how we are selected to take part.
Nor are there any theories on the part that world leaders play in it all.
Indeed, there are far far more questions than answers posed by A Glitch In The Matrix and, by its end, I had lost interest in what had been an intriguing hypothesis.
It wasn't helped because most of the contributors were anonymous and appeared as video game-style avatars!

Reasons to watch: Fascinating hypothesis 
Reasons to avoid: Runs off into the land of uber-geekery

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Did you know? 
Simulation theory goes back to Plato who believed that everything our senses perceive in the material world is like the images on the cave wall, merely shadows of reality. He concludes that genuine knowledge can only be attained through knowledge/reason and rather than through our senses.

The final word. Rodney Ascher: "“It was a topic I couldn’t stop thinking about, a rabbit hole I couldn’t climb out of. There’s a couple of real anxiety-producing questions that leap quite naturally from simulation theory. Am I losing my mind to think this, the other is, what does this mean about other people?” The Wrap

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