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73. The Last Paradiso (L’ultimo paradise); movie review

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Title : 73. The Last Paradiso (L’ultimo paradise); movie review
link : 73. The Last Paradiso (L’ultimo paradise); movie review

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Cert 15
107 mins
BBFC advice: Contains sexual violence, discrimination, sexual images, violence

Smouldering passion and style combined with a sense of morals and duty make Italian movies so different from any others.
Ok, these elements do overflow into some Sicilian ex-pat American gangster pics but they lack the gorgeous European backdrop of films such as The Last Paradiso.
Rocco Ricciardulli's movie also reminds us of the poverty in which rural Italians lived until relatively recently.
He evokes a fervour of love and resentment in a village where the haves and haves-not live within spitting distance.
There are echoes of the films of Fellini and Tornatore in the set-up in the tiny stone village where the Paradiso family live.
Ciccio (Riccardo Scamarcio) is the charismatic son who leads a rebellion against the landowners who pay low rates for the olives over which his friends and neighbours toil.
Meanwhile, he is having a hardly veiled affair with Bianca (Gaia Bermani Amaral), the naive daughter of the richest man in the village.
Suspicion of his philandering inevitably enrages his wife (Valentina Cervi) but danger lurks with further discovery.
The Last Paradiso highlights the corruption which kept the workers downtrodden in Italy and meant the landowners expanded both their waistlines and bank accounts.
Police officers are also in their pocket so justice is hard to come by.
I was grabbed by it for most of its first hour when such a vivid picture of local life is painted.
Unfortunately, the film's final stretch and particularly its conclusion are a lot less satisfying.  Indeed, the ending was so odd it felt as if Ricciardulli had run out of ideas.
Nevertheless, it renewed my desire to revisit Italy and tour villages which are off the beaten track, eat rustic meals and drink Campari or Amaretto.

Reasons to watch: A flavour of old Italy
Reasons to avoid: A little too melodramatic

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? It was not until 1975, that a new Italian law provided for gender equality within marriage, abolishing the legal dominance of the husband.

The final word. Riccardo Scamarcio: "I found in this story the class struggle and also the dynamics of those who run away and are nostalgic for their roots. Italy, it should not be forgotten, is a country that has produced important immigration, there are at least sixty million Italians living abroad." Ansa

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