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109. Sentinelle; movie review

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Title : 109. Sentinelle; movie review
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Cert 18
80 mins
BBFC advice: Contains sexual violence

A couple of times a year, a movie is so excruciating that it actually makes me angry.
And here is an example - the utterly risible Sentinelle which prompted Mrs W and me to shout in dismay over its ludicrous plot and unthinking execution.
There are scenes in Julien Leclercq's picture which either defy logic or simply could not happen.
Meanwhile, the development of its lead character is so superficial, we did not care whether she lived or died.
Sentinelle stars Olga Kurylenko as Klara who is initially seen in Syria where she watches on helplessly as a colleague is killed by a suicide bomb.
Consequently, she is suffering post-traumatic stress when she is sent back to France to be part of the military patrols in the wake of terrorist attacks.
It is a posting she loathes but on the plus side, she is stationed in Nice where her mum (Antonia Malinova) and sister (Marilyn Lima) live.
However, even in the bosom of her family, Klara is unable to shake the after-effects of Syria and is jumpy even walking down the street.
Imagine how she reacts when bad stuff really does start to happen!
The problem is not in the predictable violence which she metes out but how implausibly fast and easily she finds and attacks her targets.
In one incident, she simply jumps over the wall of a Russian crime lord's huge mansion and is completely unchallenged.
She has equally unfathomable access to an embassy in Paris.
And before the mayhem reaches anywhere near its crescendo, she is already so out of control that she would have surely been thrown into military prison.
Kurylenko hardly speaks during her killing spree - it would seem we are meant to work out what is going through her mind via her furrowed brow.
Her character lacks depth or warmth to such an extent that we were actually hoping she would be locked up, so this awful film would come to an end.

Reasons to watch: If you want mindless revenge
Reasons to avoid: Just ludicrous

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: Yes
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 2/10

Did you know? Women can serve in every position in the French military, including submarines and combat infantry and comprise around 15% of all service personnel in the combined branches of the French military. They are 11% of the Army forces, 16% for the Navy, 28% of the Air Force and 58% of the Medical Corps.

The final word. Julien Leclercq: "What I love about Netflix is that it's about the immediacy. It suits me with my pace of work, I am a hard worker. I made two films for them this year."

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