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128. The Drifters; movie review

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Title : 128. The Drifters; movie review
link : 128. The Drifters; movie review

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Cert TBA
91 mins
BBFC advice: TBA

Well, this is a pleasantly different take on both UK immigration and 21st-century courtship.
Very often movies have given a downbeat view of what greets those who risk their lives to hit these shores.
And there is no doubt that Koffee (Jonathan Ajayi) has had it hard - leaving his family and Africa and being forced into low-paid jobs or even crime.
But a shaft of light enters his life in the very attractive shape of a French cafe worker, Fanny (Lucie Bourdeu), who has dreams of emigrating to America.
She is a bit of a flirt and wears very short skirts but this turns out to be a gentle romance where minds are explored before bodies.
It transpires that both have had difficult backgrounds and contrasting personalities - Fanny is vibrant, challenging and talkative whereas Koffee is less open about his past and more cautious.
Nevertheless, when he is blackmailed into committing a robbery which goes wrong, he sees the only way out is starting a new life with her.
They drive off from London to a small coastal town to escape pressures, have fun and, ultimately, get to know each other more.
There, as the couple become closer amid an idyllic seaside setting, Koffee reveals about himself.
However, there is still the danger brought from being on the run from both the police and a dangerous criminal.
The Drifters looks great - its main characters are alluring and the south Devon coast had me longing for a summer holiday.
It is not a particularly deep film and its resolutions are too easy but Bourdeu and Ajayi have gentle chemistry which I found appealing.
Sometimes we need a bit of romance and Ben Bond's The Drifters arrived just at the right moment to lift the gloom of lockdown.

THE DRIFTERS is released in virtual cinemas from 2 April and on demand 5 April 2021 www.thedriftersmovie.com

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Apple TV  https://apple.co/39fXeBg

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Reasons to watch: Offbeat love story
Reasons to avoid: Low on action

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6.5/10

Did you know? About half (52%) of the UK’s unauthorized immigrants living in the UK in 2017 were from Asian countries. One-in-five (20%) were from sub-Saharan African countries, while about one-in-ten (11%) were from Middle East-North Africa countries. The remaining share (16%) had nationalities from the Americas and other European countries besides EU-EFTA countries.

The final word. Benjamin Bond: "“I had spent some time in Senegal working on the music concert ‘Africa Live’ for PBS. I met a lot of West African musicians and spoke to a lot of local people, there were so many young people leaving Africa on foot. I became interested in the disparity between where I could go and what I could do versus people who couldn’t even leave their countries. But what if one of these adventurers had made it all the way to the UK?"

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