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131. Bad Tales (Favolacce); movie review

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Title : 131. Bad Tales (Favolacce); movie review
link : 131. Bad Tales (Favolacce); movie review

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Cert TBA
98 mins
BBFC advice: TBA

How can a film be simultaneously bewildering and compelling? I wish I knew the secret - but Bad Tales achieves both.
We couldn't take our eyes off it and yet after its end, Mrs W and I were agreed that we didn't understand what its makers, the D’Innocenzo brothers, were trying to say.
Bad Tales is set on a rundown estate in the suburbs of Rome during a sweltering summer.
The parents are self-centred oddballs - for example, Bruno (Elio Germano), who has a violent temper and crying bouts and is envious of clever children, Dennis (Tommaso Di Cola) and Alessia (Giulietta Rebeggiani).
Meanwhile, the children play the usual summer games in the sunshine around pools, enjoy cartoons, video and are showing the first interest in sex.
Indeed, Dennis is offered hanky panky with a 'girlfriend' of the same age and is even flashed and teased by a much older pregnant girl (Ileana D’Ambra).
Meanwhile, a shy boy (Justin Korovkin) is even offered a condom by his dad (Gabriel Montesi) for his first meeting with his crush (Giulia Melillo).
The kids seem calm as the adults become more unhinged but then the bizarre truth emerges about what the youngsters have learned from school.
Bad Tales cannot be categorised - it made us laugh several times but is not really a comedy and if it is a social commentary, we were left bewildered over its aim or target audience.
But it is magnetic for reasons which we are still trying to fathom.

Reasons to watch: Strange but compelling
Reasons to avoid: It will be far too odd for most

Laughs: Four
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: Yes
Overall rating: 7/10

Did you know? 
Damiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo are twins who grew with a great passion for painting, photography and poetry and, without any cinematographic training, they began to take their first steps in the world of cinema making video clips, writing scripts and setting up theatrical works.  In 2018, they made their first feature film Boys Cry.

The final word. Fabio D’Innocenzo: We come from a very peculiar family. We lost our uncles when we were very young – they were killed – and our family experienced different tragedies, so to us, humour is a way to survive. Sometimes it was black humour – quite macabre – that stayed with us. For those who understand it, they can share it, but it’s not for all tastes." The Upcoming


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