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133. IWOW - I Walk On Water; movie review

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Title : 133. IWOW - I Walk On Water; movie review
link : 133. IWOW - I Walk On Water; movie review

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Cert 15
199 mins
BBFC advice: Contains strong language, drug references

Three hours and 19 minutes! Really? Watching a movie is meant to be entertainment, not an ordeal.
I note that critics have made appreciative noises about Khaliq Allah's IWOW - I Walk On Water, eulogising over its artistic merit.
But my concern is that the opportunity has been missed to present really important subjects to the masses, not just those who have degrees in film studies.
Allah's documentary could have been an incisive commentary on mental health, homelessness and heavy drug use among the poor in the famous New York suburb of Harlem.
Instead, his need to 'keep it real' means that there are not even subtitles to help those who cannot understand the near-incomprehensible ramblings of his main subject.
Frenchie is in his 60s, a schizophrenic, homeless Haitian man whom Allah claims is his best friend,
Indeed, throughout the film, he offers to help him by giving him money, buying him food and even, much to his mother's dismay, taking him home.
Frenchie is friendly (he makes up a song entitled Frenchie Is A Good Guy) but it is painfully difficult to decipher what he is saying.
We are even denied the possibility of lip-reading because the film's interview recordings are separate from its film, offering an out-of-sync narrative.
There are many people interviewed during the documentary - including other drug users and homeless people as well as deep discussions with Khaliq's mother and his girlfriend.
Within the latter's animated conversations, they stress their concerns about his, his drug-taking and those with whom he mixes.
But there is the constant distraction of imagery which complements these words but is not in sync with them.
In other words, his art seems to be more important than reality. Personally, I feel he has his priorities back to front but some might disagree.
I wanted to know about homelessness in Harlem and a strata of society which has been disenfranchised and yet, even after more than three hours I feel none the wiser.
That's a pity.

Reasons to watch: Paints a picture of down-at-heel New York
Reasons to avoid: Far too long to give it the attention it deserves

Laughs: None
Jumps: None
Vomit: None
Nudity: None
Overall rating: 6/10

Did you know? 
Khalik Allah's first feature film, Popa Wu: A 5% Story, was about Popa Wu, "Wu-Tang Clan's de facto spiritual advisor"[9] and a member of Five-Percent Nation. It took four years to make.

The final word. Khalik Allah: “That it might be the last movie I ever make, the last time I lay anything on film, so it had to be all and everything.” The Art Newspaper

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